The Adventuring Daughter

Burha Tathame’s (of a upper-middle class house in Miresus) daughter, Thenia, has been missing for 3 months (left sometime in June, 951).

“She eschewed magical training (beyond survival basics) in favor of swordplay. So, of course, we gave her the best training we could afford. She had always talked about adventuring, and she grew up mesmerized by the idea. But she had never mentioned a plan, or a quest, or anyone she’d travel with, and then one day she just left saying she was heading out on her adventure.”

In the interest of aiding the party, and at their request, Burha gave them one of Thenia’s necklaces.

Orb Question Deductions:
Thenia is in Pelevion (east of Hatlminster, not further east than Morvale, and not north of Bellmoor), underground, and is a prisoner.

The Adventuring Daughter

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