Final Destination

  • Morel
    • Thora (Loyal Protector)
      • +3 Parry. If it succeeds a parry by 5 or more, free attack at the opponent with this weapon. They get a penalty to defend on this attack equal to the parry’s margin of success. If this attack deals any damage, that opponent has a -4 penalty when attacking you.
    • Unilin (Death Song)
      • Plays a dirge within 10yds. All who hear it die at -4xHP for 20-HT min (min 1). Those under the effects of the dirge also increase their receiving damage multiplier by 1 (Ex. cutting damage against them goes from 1.5 to 2.5)
  • Red
    • Therak (Oathkeeper)
      • Free action, swear an Oath to defeat an opponent (free action). All attacks against that opponent get +6 to hit, +6 damage, AD of 5, and all hits are considered major wounds that inflict double shock penalty. You also gain a +6 to parry attacks against that opponent, and you may parry nonmagical missiles. Until the opponent is killed, this ability cannot be used again for 1 year. You get a +5 bonus to all skills whose purpose is to aid in finding or reaching the sworn foe.
    • Nallydd (Honorable Vindicator)
      • All abilities only function as long as you fight with honor. This axe gets a stacking +1 on damage rolls for 10 seconds whenever it deals damage to a foe. Each time this ability is triggered it resets the 10 second countdown. You do not have penalties to your dodge, move, or ST for having low HP or FP. You get a bonus to resist death and unconsciousness equal to its current damage bonus. If you are slain while the damage bonus is at least +1, the one who killed you is instantly slain and foes near them take damage equal to that creature’s max HP or your max HP, whichever is greater.
  • Tathel
    • Pendant
      • For any resisted spell you cast, your Power Investiture is considered to be doubled. Spells with a range of touch may be thrown as missile spells with max range equal to 3 times your Power Investiture. If you are casting a non-damage spell, you may double the number of targets it effects as long as both are within range (casting penalties based on whichever target’s is greater).
    • Mail Hauberk
      • Bonus to DR and max HP equal to your Power Investiture. Critical hits do no bonus damage or effects to you (though you still cannot defend against them). All healing spells you cast heal an additional 50% and cannot fail. Once per day while you are at negative HP, you may heal yourself for 3d as a free action. If you choose to do so as a Concentrate action, increase this to 6d.
  • Kyra
    • Elven Longbow
      • You may use Will instead of ST for determining damage. You gain a bonus attack and damage equal to 1/4 of your Will. This does not function for Psychic Arrows.
      • For 2 FP, you may draw and fire a Psychic Arrow. This can only hurt sentient creatures. The arrow is unaffected by any spells or deflections, and ignores nonliving barriers. The damage is completely mental in nature, and cannot be reduced by any DR (treat as cosmic). However, still apply damage multiplier as appropriate for an arrow as well as hit location. Damage is equal to your Will and is reduced by their margin of success on a Will-3 roll, to a minimum of 1 damage. On a critical hit the damage cannot be reduced and they must make a Will-3 roll or fall unconscious; a fumble on this roll causes death.
    • Katana
      • Can transmit melee and ranged spells. While attacking, you may also cast a spell with a casting time of 1 second or less as long as the target is the same as the sword’s or you. Parrying with this blade doesn’t interrupt spellcasting. If this blade (or a spell cast while attacking with it) kills a foe, regain FP equal to their HT.
      • AD 2
  • Balthier
    • Long Knife
      • 4 Charges, each is worth a +1 enhancement, can be used for effects. As long as the blade has any charges left, you gain: darkvision, +2 dodge, you may use your DX instead of ST for determining damage. If this blade kills an opponent on a critical hit, it regains all its charges and maximum charges are permanently increased by 1. Charges return at 1 per minute.
        • 1 Charge: Cause your next attack this turn to be undefendable. Still roll to see if you crit or fumble.
        • 2 Charge: Gain +5 DX until your next turn.
        • 3 Charges: Critical range is increased by 1d for 1 minute.
        • 4 Charges: Use when you attack. This attack is an automatic critical. Roll twice on the crit table and choose which result to keep.
    • Cloak
      • Improved Blink: Blocking spell, 3FP. Teleport up to 20 yards, double this range if you are in complete darkness. You succeed the Body Sense.
      • If you are unable to defend against an attack (suprise attack, rear attack, critical hit), roll 3d. If any 2 dice match, you may still use the Improved Blink against this attack.
      • DB + 3
  • Gemma
    • Ring
      • Improves Magery by 3 (this can take you above Magery 3). Increase your mana regeneration by 100%. You are considered to meet all prerequisites when casting spells. Critically succeeding at casting a spell restores all of your FP, as long as the spell would have cost at least 1 FP. You have no penalties for active spells, and do not suffer a -3 penalty on Will rolls to cast or maintain a spell while distracted.
    • Necklace
      • Cast spell into necklace. If you cast that spell, critical fumbles become critical successes. If that spell is ever cast nearby and you are aware of it, you may cause it to fumble as a free action. You may store additional spells if you have Magery, but no more than your Magery level. Additionally you may cast all spells “stored” in this necklace as though your skill were 5 higher than it actually is.


After hearing that Tirana knows the binding ritual, and even though she is willing to share it, The Council has decided that they want to keep Tirana safely behind as insurance for the swords.

Help from the Council

  • Open a gate to Acheron for you. If you can contact them again, they can open one for you to return through.
  • Acheron “Map” showing current position relative to the rest of the plane
  • Magic Sphere that when held up will protect from all but the largest shards of the Bladestorm in a 10 yard radius.
  • 150k worth of magic items per person
  • A further special bonus:
    • Only 2 of each of the following are available. The Council will let you decide who gets which.
      1. Option: Resurrection enchantment. If you are dealt fatal damage, instead your body becomes energy and reforms back at full HP and FP after d+1 seconds. Expires after 7 days if unusued.
      2. Option: Master of Fate: Up to 18 times, you may decide a d6 instead of rolling it. This can be part of any roll you would make, and you may use it multiple times in the same overall roll. If you critically fumble, add 2 back to the current Fate Pool. Unused Fate expires after 7 days.
      3. Option: 100 “Bonus” FP. Cannot be restored or recovered. Counts as “your” FP. Expires after 7 days.

Enemies at Final Destination:





Deathclaw Infused


Arcane Reaper


Kai’Shar Elite


Final Destination

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