z_The Zenith

Final Battle at Final Destination

This is last game session of campaign

Tathel gets DR3 Invulnerability for 4 hours
Morel uses Strength potion for 3 ST for 1 hour

Party follows Balthier’s intuition down the stairs
Floor appears to be gray stone Walls go up infinitely
Large Wes Jas fighting wisened old man high in the tower
Dwarfs/elves feel a connection with the human man
Silus is encased in energy and a tether to Wes Jas
(Silus is acting like a battery for Wes Jas)

Wes Jas notices the party is here

Wes Jas: “Do not interfere!” to party
Flash of energy then a dozen enemies appear
There are Kruthiks and one power enfused Deathclaws
(See Final Destination page)

Uses a 290 point advantage on Infused Deathclaws (Flash against group)
– Kyra takes an attribute penalty to ST/DX/HT and is stunned

Balthier blinks behind a Kruthik and kills it

Kruthik hits Balthier for (d+2=1) with Armor Divisor 10 and gives 4 DAM impaling
2 more Kruthiks throws blades on their back at Balthier
A Kruthik hits Gemma in Body of Air form (only suffers 1 damage)
Morel hit twice (with crits) for 4 and 6 damage

Red fails to cast Weapon of Kord then cripples right leg of deathclaw
with Tannaris and it falls

Balthier kills another Kruthik with powerblow
Balthier hit with a crit for max damage (10) with a ranged Kruthik
– Blinks behind the guy that hit him

Morel hit with a crit and he drops everything he’s holding
Kyra finally unstunned after round 2.

Red parries attacks against the infused deathclaws

Tathel mentally stuns the other 2 deathclaws

Kruthik successfully attacks Gemma for 1 point of damage

Morel kills a pair of Kruthiks
Red hits infused deathclaw
Red pulls energy from Kruthik in a strike

Balthier kills the wounded Kruthik he recently blinked behind

Kruthiks crit against Morel
Kyra hits a mentally stunned deathclaw in the eyes
Crippled, crawling deathclaw attacks Kyra

Morel kills the final Kruthik on him

Gemma hits a stunned infused deathclaw with a 20d sunbolt for 75 damage
Red kills a Kruthik
Balthier kills last remainin Kruthik

Kyra crits against a mentally stunned deathclaw

Crawling deathclaw attacks Tathel and Tathel fails a dodge
– Tathel does Mental stun to neutralize that final unstunned deathclaw
– Tathel draws his sword and starts stabbing it (doing no damage)

Morel picks up Astral Avenger and puts himself between elves and a newly
active Deathclaw

Red pounds on infused Deathclaw
Balthier powerblows infused Deathclaw

Kyra hits active Deathclaw in the eye and it disappears a round later

Infused Deathclaw becomes unstunned and Morel attacks it twice successfully
Tathel casts Mental Stun on Infused Deathclaw and then heals himself
Gemma does a 15d Sunbolt to Infused Deathclaw vitals (46-14 damage) impaling
– Only had 28 HP left

Morel hits last standing deathclaw (there’s still one crawling around)
Red casts Weapon of Kord 3d+3 on Balthier’s sword, Shin-Tar

Kyra critically hits Infused Deathclaw and kills it

Balthier gets a crit against final enemy (and has an extra attack)
– 6d+8 plus 3d+3 Weapon of Kord
– First attack brings him to -179 and 2nd attack kills him at -180

Morel turns on Body of Steel (DR 9 and Homogenous)

Red calls up to Wes Jas: “We came to talk, but now you’ve made me mad!”

“Let’s see how you do against some of my Elites!”

8 Kruthik, 1 Arcane Reaper and a Kai’Shar Elite (See Final Destination)
– Morel is still casting as is Tathel when enemies appear

Kai’Shar Elite does a cone attack on Gemma, Red and Kyra
– Kyra and Gemma blink away, but Red takes the effect

Gemma puts 20 points into Ungarato to cast Chain Lightning
– Rolls against Energy skill and Control skill
– Burns 2 fate dice to turn Control into a crit
– All people in the take the same damage
– Rolls attack against the 1st creature (It’s metal)
– 10d (It would have been more if better success on energy)
All creatures take 28 damage lightning
– All Kruthiks are exterminated, but Arcane Reaper actually seemed to enjoy it

Kyra makes a long distance attack on Kai’Shar Elite and stuns Arcane Reaper

Morel just makes Body of Metal with a roll of 13
Tathel tries to do Soul Burn versus the Arcane Reaper Will-6
(Tathel has a 19, which is a straight die roll contest)

Kai’Shar Elite does an Acid Jet in a line with Balthier and Red
(Opts against pulling out Balthier’s Heart)
– Crits against Balthier (10 Acid) and Balthier drops Shin-tar
– Pushes Balthier into Red’s space hard enough for another point of damage
– Balthier is stunned

Kyra fails a rapid reload and critically fails (Takes a full round)
– gets 2 fate dice

Kyra shoots Arcane Reaper in the eye and does another 52 damage
– It dies a horrible death

Morel attacks Kai’Shar Elite and succeeds both times because
it parried Red’s attack

Tathel does a Soul Burn for 5 seconds on Kai’Shar Elite
– It is unable to cast magic and takes 10% extra damage
– Follows up with Rooted Feet Success

Kai’Shar attempts to attack Red with swords

Kyra hits Kai’Shar Elite in the eye for 48 damage
Morel follows up by decapitating the creatures.

Balthier takes a potion from Red’s delver’s webbing
(He rolls a 6)

Wes Jas Summons a 3rd wave of enemies

Kai’Shar Elite, an Infused Deathclaw, 2 deathclaws, 8 Kruthiks a Kai’Shar Elite and an Arcane Reaper

Infused Deathclaw does his special damage

Kai’Shar Elite does a cone (blowing cloud of sand) on all party except dwarfs
Gemma and Tathel dodge out of the way, but Kyra and Balthier take 10 points of
damage less torso DR
– Balthier’s damage reduced to 0
– Kyra’s damage reduced to 3
– Keeps her Chain Lighting preparation

Gemma does 50 damage (47, 42) in the eye of Kai’Shar Elite… knocking it over

Kruthiks shoot at dwarfs
– 2 crits against Red

Kruthiks attack and hit Balthier, Kyra and Gemma
B: none and 10
K: none and 10
G: 4 hits at one point damage each

Kyra casts Chain Lightning using 14 FP
– Choose to use a fate dice to force a crit on a Deathclaw close to Balthier
– Rolls 14d-14 (Does 35 damage) it’s much less as it jumps from victim to victim
– All, but 3 Kuthiks die (5/8 die)
– Red and Morel stunned after lightning
– All Deathclaws stunned, too

Arcane Reaper
– Shoots 1 at Gemma, 1 at Kyra and 1 at Tathel
– It’s a chain effect
– Kyra blinks, Gemma fails a dodge and loses her Lend Energy, Tathel blinks
– Critically fails and gets 2 fate dice
– Blue energy bolt
– Gemma takes damage, but succeeds HT roll

Tathel mentally stuns a deathclaw and starts casting to mentally stun another
Kai’Shar Elite gets back up
– Critically succeeds (double strength) to Morel (lose 3 HP)
– A stream of energy is coming out of Morel and going into the Kai’Shar Elite

Gemma does an explosive fireball at the Kuthik packs
– 20d (69 damage)
– It kills all the Kuthiks
– Minor damage to everything else including party

Infused Deathclaw attempts to weaken ST/DX/HT for all party members except
Balthier and Kyra (Outside of his area)

Morel attacks Kai’Shar Elite and it blinks away ending his energy drain effect
Tathel does Soul Burn against Kai’Shar Elite for 6 seconds

Red drops Infused Deathclaw
– Maintains Weapon of Kord on Balthier’s Shin-Tar

Tathel attempts Mental Stun on Kai’Shar Elite, but fails
Gemma hits Kai’Shar Elite with a 15d Sunbolt (35 raw damage into the vitals)
82 damage total
– He’s stunned

Red kills Kai’Shar Elite doing 30 DAM with short sword
– Recovers 10 HP
Balthier blinks behind Arcane Reaper and does a powerblow
– It didn’t seem to like the electrical damage this time
Kyra shoots Arcane Reaper in the eyes killing Arcane Reaper

Round 4
As soon as the last guy dies
Energy bond between WesJas and Silus breaks
– Silus falls and lands on a platform we can’t see
Old guy is encased in an energy case

3 Kai-Shar Elites, 3 Arcane Reapers, 2 Infused Deathclaws, 4 Deathclaws and
8 Kuthiks

Infused attack
– Kyra fails her HT roll loses another from ST/DX/HT
Deathclaw crits on Gemma (1 DAM)

Wes Jas Does Spells against each of us
– Balthier rolls against IQ (Success by 6)
– Red rolls against IQ (Success)
– Morel rolls against IQ (Success by 1)
– Kyra rolls against HT (Success by 2) Failed
– Tathel rolls against IQ or HT (Success) Failed
– Gemma rolls against HT capped at 16 (Success by 6) Tie goes to the defender
A Ray shoots out and hits each of us
6 DAM to everyone except Kyra and Tathel that take 12 DAM

Tathel does Mental Stun on Deathclaw next to Gemma

All 3 Kai’Shar Elites attack
– 1 does a cone on 2 dwarfs and 2 elves
(Whitish gas)
– Kyra drops below 0 FP points
– 1 attacks Tathel and Gemma
– Gemma can’t blink away, but Tathel does
– Takes 32 crushing damage (applies to body of air)
– 1 does cold water towards Dwarfs and 1 deathclaw
– crit
– All are Paralyzed with severe cold (HT-6 rolls)
– Morel uses Defensive Luck to make save
Red’s turn is immediately after that attack he makes his roll and is no
longer paralyzed

Balthier blinks offensively against Wes Jas (Has only 1 HP with a dodge of 8)
– Powerblow
– Critical (Major Wound)
– rolls 4 – 1s
– 23 physical plus 14 burning from Weapon of Kord

Kuthiks attack and hit Red with crits
– 2 hits, 0 DAM and 2 DAM
Kuthiks against Gemma
– 1 crit
– She decides to soak up all 8 attacks (reduced to 1 each for body of air)
– Goes to -40 HP
– Shock Penalty of 1

Kyra rolls against stun (gets unstunned at end of her turn, stays conscious)

Arcane Reapers
– Critically fails attack against Red
– He lost his balance
– 2 attacks succeed
– Takes 4 DAM Rolls HT-4
– Red falls prone (crit fails dodge) and is stunned

Morel critically fails dodge and falls prone

Wes Jas Retaliates against Balthier shooting 6 beams all at him
– Red beam (Fails)
– Blue (Balthier Succeeds)
– Green (Balthier Succeeds)
– Yellow (Balthier Succeeds)
– Orange (Balthier Fails)
– Black (Balthier Fails)
Balthier takes 4.5 times damage from missle damage of 7
21+9 = 30 damage

Tathel renews his great hastes

Kai’Shar Elites attack Morel and Red

Gemma does auto-crit on energy and auto-crits shaping for Chain Lightning
– Energy (Double the Dice or Max Damage for 20d)
Chooses 40d for 109 Lighting DAM (Uses Luck to improve it from 104)
(Translates to HT-54 roll or be stunned)
Kills all the Kuthiks and Arcane Reapers
– Arcane Reapers would have Died with 108 HP
Deathclaws roll twice against death, but none of them die
– All stunned
Red and Morel still take 109 DAM
Wes Jas wasn’t affected by the electrical damage
– Sends electrical damage

Balthier fails to powerblow, but successfully hits for 3d+7 DAM (42 DAM)
– Wes Jas blocks and sends the damage back to him
– He barely makes one of his 2 death rolls

Tathel lends energy to Kyra then starts casting Mental Stun with Great Haste

Elites are now unstunned
Gemma creates a 20d explosive fireball and targets the clump of deathclaws
around Red and Morel
Red uses Defensive Luck to succeed a dodge roll to move another 5 yards away
– 72 Fire damage at center of blast
– Deathclaw at center takes 182 of his 180 HP (dies)
– No one else dies

Red burns a FP to drop the Might on Balthier
(Forces a death roll, but Balthier is still alive)
Red falls unconscious

Infused Deathclaws are no longer stunned
Deathclaws are no longer stunned
– Tathel’s mental stun remains on one Deathclaw
– Only 1 other deathclaw

Morel stays on his feet and decapitates a stunned Deathclaw near him

Wes Jas turns and Kyra uses her fate dice to critically succeed a hit to the eye
from 15 yards for a bonus +5
– Wes Jas can’t be stunned or unconscious
– She has a 102 physical damage to this point
– Wes Jas got 109 fatigue from the electrical damage

Wes Jas attacks
– Kyra makes 3 HT rolls (Fails all 3)
– Gemma makes 3 HT rolls (Succeeds 2, Fails 1)
Each missile is 15 damage
– Gemma takes 7, 7 and 15 (1 HP away from Death)
– Kyra takes 45 damage (3 HP away from Death)

Tathel considers Mass Teleport of Deathclaws 1.99 miles away
– It takes 2 seconds, but he falls unconscious first

Morel gives a healing potion for 2 HP to Red as his final act before being
overcome by Deathclaws

Wes Jas hits Morel with all 6 of her death beams
Morel dies (Respawns in 2 rounds)

Kyra uses her fate dice to stay conscious to shoot Balthier and kill him
(Respawns in 6 rounds)

Gemma stays conscious and is greatly hasted
– Drops out of Body Of Air
– Uses Orchid Malevolence to do Soul Burn with a 50 point powerstone
– Uses Luck to try to change the 13 to something better, but doesn’t
– Wes Jas loses her magical abilities for 50 seconds

Red cancels all spells
– Casts Major Healing on Tathel to revive him from a distance

Kyra falls unconscious, but is not targeted

Gemma does a 20d-20 chain lightning
– Success by 10 for damage
– Auto success for control (3 fate dice)
– Successfully hits, but the guy has a dodge of 6 (rolls an 8)
– 55 lightning damage
– One deathclaw dies on the next round

Red stands up
Morel resurrects and attacks an Kai’Shar Elite
Tathel completes his Mass Teleport and sends all remaining enemies 500 yards up
– Costs 100 FP
– Gives an 11 to succeed
– Fails roll by 1 – Success everyone takes d6 damage
– 1 Deathclaw fails Will+1 roll
– All other monsters remain

– Still with only 1 HP starts casting Chain Lightning

Morel hits for 21 (base) Garvok and 24 (base) Deathsong to the neck (doubles)
– Soul Burn adds an additional 25% damage

Wes Jas tries to attack Morels leg, but he dodges

Tathel teleports back from trip to remove the deathclaws

Kai’Shar Elite does acid jet against Morel
Kai’Shar Elite on ground gets up

Gemma does Chain Lightning 20D
– Natural Crits Damage
– Option Max Damage or Double Dice
– Chooses 100 Max Damage
– Natural Crit for Control
– Deathclaw Dodge was 7 fails with 8

Infused Deathclaws had 210 HP, but Gemma killed the last of them all
Kai’Shar Elites are stunned

Red rapid strikes with short sword
– First hit restores 13, Second hit recovers 10
– Recovered back to -69 HP

Morel does a Rapid Strike with DeathSong
– Wes Jas must be killed with a non-magical weapon
– She dies

Kai’Shar Elites are frenzied
– Hits Morel with a 9 skill
– Does 10 DAM
– Morel fails HT-10 roll by 2
– Stunned for 2 rounds

Elite attacks Tathel, but he blinks away
Gemma does a Sunbolt to the back of the head of the Elite that attacked Morel
– 37 doubled

Elite parries Red’s attacks

Tathel does tanglefoot on 1 of the 2 remaining enemies (Elites)
Gemma disengages from the fight, but “eats” another powerstone
then teleports to Silus

Red kills one of the 2 remaining enemies and gains 8 HP to do so.

Balthier awakens
– Summons sword to himself
– All-out-attack for 2 attacks against last remaining enemy
– Both powerblows succeed
– 5d+1 for 1st damage
– Elite dies battle is won

Old guy becomes unfrozen
– Gathers everyone including Silus
– Thanks us for saving him from his daughter
– He is the first god Lendor
– Wes Jas tried to use Silus time magic to defeat him
– He turned her mortal after first wave of above battle
– Party is now blessed for the rest of the their lives
– Plus 2 items they have are now artifacts (See Final Destination)
(Plan to see them in the next campaign)

Gemma’s sister will now be replacing Wes Jas as the God of Death and Magic


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