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Journeys Of March

March 6 th

Decision made to look for sword in Rynak
Druid tree to Rynak then walks
Didn’t Big Dwarf for fear of collapsing ruins
Balthier intuition to lead to the closest settlement going south
Tathel teaches Red Elven for 68 hours

March 15 th

Mid-day party arrives at a settlement of 30 people
All people have been slaughtered
Red-haired twins attack the group

  • Demonstrate new fighting abilities
  • shock wave area effect that ignores armor and weaken it
  • martial arts skill to catch axes and weaken them
  • Warn group that shin-tar sword will be theirs
  • Fly away when Kyra unsuccessfully tries to neutralize their psionics
    looted settlement
  • 33 sp 387 cp (Balthier’s possession?)
    Balthier intuition to find base of flying ship

March 22 nd

Tathel seeker/trace on one of the twins

  • somewhere north of Tegas flying towards mainland
  • hiking was too slow to get to ship first

Balthier intuition to 3 houses as possible pirate bases
Morel/Tathel meet dwarven female at one

  • Morel unsuccessful at attracting her
    Red/Balthier meet burly human that tells them about flying ship
  • plan to meet at Sleeping Wench later
    Kyra/Gemma find locked house

2×2 section of floor under bed is an illusion hiding a hole
pirate house loot

  • sacks of coins
  • 13 landscape paintings
  • giant 3×6 mirror w/ gold frame (magical)
  • misc stuff; swords, armor, etc.
  • small chest (made lid invisible and saw felt lining) 15 alchemical vials
  • large chest made lid invisible and saw gray metal bars
  • large chest made eternally locked by a critical failure of lock master
  • full winter gear (leather) magical ensemble
  • fingerless gloves (6 spells each with a skill of 15)
  • rive
  • ruin
  • weaken
  • shatter
  • explode
  • disintegrate
  • boots 2 active spells
  • spider climb
  • water walking
  • vest +1 armor
  • Geas coin for the honoring of wagers – made non-magical trying to learn its nature (critical failure)

Gemma uses Rapid Journey to take everything from keep to secret base

Sleeping Wench Tavern

Pirate from earlier

  • someone matching Mizar’s description asked questions about ruins
  • Mizar came up from South, which is odd because any other port city is closer

Laughing Phoenix Tavern

Tiranna reveals herself
Offers a deal to bind any swords found in exchange for protection
Party accepts deal
Gemma takes her to Isad as a hiding place

Balthier tells Gemma that Tiranna was involved with the assassination of the queen
Tiranna traded Asheia sword to Lady K to have the queen killed
Tiranna summoned the bound sword back to herself and is now on the run from Lady K

Party teleports back to secret base

Mirror discovered to be gateway to an identical mirror in another place
An unknown password opens the mirror
It is almost certainly guaranteed that there is more treasure on the other side

Rather than investigate the mirror password, the party opts to go to search for Ungarato
To protect against other side of the mirror
earth elemental at base hid it in deep in the ground

March 26 th

Teleport to Tyrenova
Teleport to shore of Deathlands
Big dwarf until Balthier tells him Ungarato is behind them rather than in front
Hike back until a large cave entrance is found

Balthier takes lead approaches basin and danger sense
Throws glove into the center
It falls through the illusionary floor and disappears

Balthier spider crawls below floor illusion
Sees bodies of a few less fortunate and 3 entrances
30’x20’ Entrance at the bottom is huge and intentionally filled with dirt
There is a passage directly across from the illusionary floor

Party opts to go to that entrance
Morel given Hawk flight to carry Red and Kyra
Tathel teleports across, Gemma levitates, Balthier spider walks

Morel makes too much noise coming across
attracts attention of red scaly orc with claw and underdeveloped wings

Battle Act 1

orc breathes fire
Balthier dives past orc to avoid blast
Tathel blinks to opposite hallway
Kyra doesn’t have anywhere safe to blink and takes fire damage
Morel and Red take full brunt of fire
Gemma levitates too slow and isn’t there for fire

Morel chops off leg
Red hits the head
Orc goes unconscious
Morel hits head again
Balthier power blow for the kill

Battle Act 2

Red scaly minotaur roars coming up hallway
Morel uses hawk flight to close distance, so breathe weapon only affects him and Red
Morel drops ax
Kyra shoots minotaur in head, it falls prone
Morel explodes its head with a pair of ax strikes
No loot found

Red gives Weapon of Kord to Morel, who uses it to turn corpses to ash
Red has expended all his fatigue and rests in a small cave wreaking of orc
Healings all around/Morel sharpens all blades

Balthier recovers equipment and finds 12 sp 30 cp, short sword

Morel takes Fire Resist Potion
Red cast Hawk Flight on Morel
Morel takes lead exploring a series of tunnels
Minotaur den
Corpses with sprung traps
Long winding tunnel with a door at the end

Party decides on door finds pool with melt water coming down in a waterfall
Lizard woman standing on water
Lizard woman calls party infidels
Morel announces their intentions and issues warning to not stand in their way


Morel flies to oppose side of woman
Lizard woman drops sword into water
2 nd lizard woman sticks head out from the water
Surprise acid spitting attack on Morel
It destroys a big portion of Morel’s armor
Morel successfully strikes at 2 nd lizard head
She casts a fog over the whole room and disappears under the water

Tathel blindly sends an explosive lightning into the fog dealing slight damage to all
1 st lizard lady attacks Red, who is standing at the edge of the pool
Red breaks his ax hitting himself in the left leg for 6 HP
Gemma levitates close for the assist, but misses

Morel dives under the icy water using Hawk Flight to navigate the water
Feels strong undertow
Sees 10’ hole in bottom acting as a drain
Sees 2 nd lizard woman about to ambush Gemma

Morel attacks 2 nd lizard woman
Gets hit with another blast of acid
Front of armor almost completely destroyed

1 st lizard woman breathes fire
Red dodges left away from Gemma
He takes full damage, but Gemma is spared
Fire burns away fog allowing Tathel to see targets again

Morel chops off arm of 2 nd lizard
Her arm goes down drain and she follows after it
Red succumbs to his wounds and passes out

Morel removes the leg of 1 st lizard woman
She falls close to the water, but not in water
Gemma finishes her with a blow to the head


Magic ring from 1 st lizard woman

Morel completely chilled and suffers from hypothermia
Can’t warm up because of Fire Resist potion
Uses 2 spell stones of Dispel Magic to gain ability to warm up… and not die
Red uses 5 potions to get positive before Tathel helps with healing

Morel and Balthier go back to sprung traps hallway
collect burnable materials
collect metal so Red can repair Morel’s

Balthier finds active pressure plate
Morel throws a couple dead bodies on it
It opens to reveal a secret passage way

A couple hours down time healing, recovering energy and repairing armor

Balthier scouts secret passageway
Finds vigilant dragonkin in full plate

Much debate about tactics
Decide to ambush with missile spells/ arrows
Kyra – Icy Missiles
Gemma – Lightning
Tathel – Explosive Lightning
Balthier clings to ceiling
Dwarfs wait at entrance for sounds of battle
Morel has uses 2 nd fire resist potion


Kyra casts light at junction to attract full plate guy

Surprise Round

Kyra crits to an eye – rolls full damage
Full plate drops greatsword
Gemma and Tathel hit
Full plate is still standing

There is no place to Blink when he breathes fire
Kyra stands her ground and crits to the other eye
Full plate goes unconscious
Coup de gras


Full plate armor
Great sword
All loot left on body to be retrieved while exiting dungeon

Explores hallway not guarded by full plate
Rust monsters
Trapped hallways
Explores guarded hallway
Finds mess hall with at least a dozen place settings and food

Continuing down

Balthier, Morel, Red,
4:30 entering large natural chamber hearing flapping wings


Patchwork draconic humanoid (sickly) drops down blocking tunnel exit
Coughs fire down hallway
Balthier dives forward
Morel dodges in front of his brother
Red dodges behind brother to take half of the fire damage
All others blink away

Morel charges forward and chops off its left arm
It falls unconscious

Room is filled with at least 10 orcs 1 of which is reptilian
Gemma concussion on incoming orcs
Armor soaks up damage for dwarfs
Balthier takes 1 DAM

Balthier sees reptilian orc closing in to breath fire on group
Crosses enemy lines to get behind it
Instantaneous Power Blow
Critical Strike
Main Enemy goes down instantly

When all but 1 enemy remains, it drops its weapon and surrenders


Magic ring on patchwork dragon


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