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Gena (receptionist @ Temple of Boccob in the Miresus Didela tower) said that a lady named Candua had come around asking for someone to escort an object to it’s destination for her. She pointed the party to her.

Candua’s family has been a higher house for about 7 generations. Their time in the spotlight was during the original reign of the Dominator. Their unique fighting styles (swords, occasional maces) and tactics led them to suffer the least casualties of any house during these times. They gained a great deal of wealth during this time as well.

Item is inside a small, locked chest. Overall, it weights 15 lbs. It is to be delivered to her nephew Minaeli in Talcaro, Khatovar. He’s staying at the inn, the Golden Crown. NO ONE is allowed to open it. Magic may NOT be cast on the item (thus no teleporting). There have been several attempts to steal the item from Candua’s estate, and she expects that further attempts will occur during transit.

During negotiations, to prove her trustworthiness, Kyra mentioned that Ramina is “like an aunt” to her. Peter established upfront that he’s from the Didela. Lucas came off as a random urchin hanging around the other two, very blunt, tactless, and greedy.

Kyra (using the orb) found out that the item is a Dominator artifact, is not evil, is not psionic, is not a Dominator shard, and a few other things. She shared her findings of what the contents were (though its purpose remains unknown). This caused Kyra to express some concern and ask Ramina for guidance. Ramina mentioned that it was intriguing that it was a Dominator artifact, but has no reason to mistrust Candua. Also, if she plans to use it for anything evil, she’s had plenty of time here, and if so, Khatovar is a better place to do it in. Peter wanted to talk to the Didela to see if they should worry about taking it for safekeeping, since anything of that kind of power is very dangerous to have floating around. Peter brought Glex to talk with Candua, and the two talked behind closed doors. Afterward, Glex said that he was for her plan, but they had improved it some, and will be casting some protections on the chest.

The deal the party arrived at with Candua was that she provide a horse for each of them, and upon returning they would return the horses and receive 30,000 sp (less the cost of any horse not returned). Kyra mentioned that instead of buying horses, she could borrow them from the Queen and only pay if they did not return.
(Lucas, the only one monetarily concerned, asked that she make an offer, she said 3k now, and another 15k later. His counter offer was the one that was accepted. Candua easily would have gone to a total of 50k, if not more, had either other party member negotiated; a ranking member of the Didela and someone on a first name basis with the Queen)

Before setting out, Kyra asked her great-aunt, Biinakwe, to watch over them while they are in her woods.

After first day of travel, attacked at camp by 3 bald, scarred humans wearing a reddish hide. They had wicked daggers, and fire spells, and caused a saddlebag to explode. The horses are dead. (~6000sp down the drain). They launched a surprise attack while Peter was attempting to cast Mystic Mist.

A few days later, they heard much rustling and some thwomping. Assuming giants, Kyra opted to stealthily investigate. The noise disappeared after less than a minute, and no creatures were seen. In the morning, the scene showed several sets of human footprints (though almost no connecting steps), as well as many depressions as though a large club-like object struck the ground.

After 8 days of traveling on foot, the attackers reappeared in the plains of Khatovar, appearing in a teleport perfectly in front of each party member. The party held their ground and the attackers eventually teleported away. During the fight, Kyra was struck with a dagger and fell instantly ill, unable to do anything but move and Lucas’ feet were stuck to the ground from the start. A few fireballs were launched. Peter’s levitation tactic eventually proved troublesome to continue to deal with, and they fled.

Current Day: April 3rd
60% of the way to destination (@ 30mi/day on foot)


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