Rumor Mill

Rumors from April 12th through August 10th, 951. Miresus, Elm’ril.

  • A man named Prosama seeks a party to discover who is assassinating his peers, and why.
  • A travelling merchant mentions he saw a star which fell into the Waylawold Plain (a region of non-forest, north of Miresus).
  • A noblewoman named Burha seeks a party to discover the fate of her daughter lost after she set out on an adventure.
  • An old, and probably drunk, ex-adventurer tells stories of a great treasure that he and his old adventuring party almost got. However, they ran into an evil sorceror who had enslaved (instead of fighting) the manticore that was guarding it, and that he was the only one that managed to escape.
  • “I heard that someone or something is pulling the strings of some of the ‘nobles’ in Gotham, and maybe even the Triad itself. I bet whatever is behind them is what’s keeping them in power.”

Rumors from November 19th, 950. Miresus, Elm’ril.

  • “A city at the eastern border looks like it’ll start flooding the market with giant-spider silk.”
  • “People going travelling on the road from Silverwood to Northwind seem to be going missing lately. I tell ya, it’s a new group of bandits.”
  • “Have you seen caravan’s disappearing into thin air too? They just vanish!”
  • “Drinks are on me! The Didela just payed a crazy amount of money for a bunch of etherium. I don’t know what they need it for, but it’s the best thing that’s happened to me!”
  • “Gotham’s going to have some sort of combat tournament in like a year or soemthing. They just announced it and that there will be some huge prize. I think they just want the money for selling tickets. Still, ought to be interesting to see.”
  • “Remember that wizard whatsisface…um…Inazuma? Had a tower north of Eridale…helped them with that vampire that attacked them years ago? I just heard that some monster is in his tower now. A group went to him for help, and only one made it back to town alive.”
  • “A group of goblins took over the Crystal Keep! Can you believe that? Stinking goblins! How?!?”
  • “Have you noticed the poorer side of town seems to have less beggars? Not that there were many to begin with, but still. I’m glad these people are finally getting out of that life.”
  • “The Moonglades (a druidic order) hasn’t been heard from in a while. Do you think something happened or if they just moved to a different part of the forest?”

Rumor Mill

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