New Spells

Soul Burn (VH)

Regular/Resist: Will-6
Range: Sight (no distance penalty, but must be present. No casting through a crystal ball, for example.)

For the duration, the target is silenced (cannot cast spells or access mana) and takes an extra 10%/25%/50% (skill at 15/20/25+) damage from all sources.

Cost: 1 FP per second of duration (CANNOT BE DISCOUNTED)
Duration: See cost
Prerequisites: Magery 3, Suspend Magery, Slow Healing

Weapon of Kord (VH)

Air/Weather (Clerics of Kord with Power Investiture of 3 ONLY)

Temporarily enchants a melee weapon with Kord’s might. The weapon is shrouded in lightning as though with the Lightning Weapon spell, however appears much more intense. After armor penetration and wounding modifiers have been figured (metallic armor only counts as DR 1), the weapon does an additional amount of damage from the lightning. If a foe parries with a metallic weapon or shield without some sort of insulation (Ex. Leather Gloves) this extra damage will still trigger. Additionally, on a critical hit, the target must make a HT roll with a penalty equal to half (round down) of the lightning damage sustained or be stunned. The penalty remains for each round of stun, though it decreases by 1 each round. This spell can be cast on nonmetal weapons, and even one’s hands or feet (only affects 1 appendage or weapon per casting).

Cost: 3 FP (2 FP to maintain) for every 1d-1 burning damage. Max of 9 FP for 3d-3 damage. (CANNOT BE DISCOUNTED)
Duration: 10 seconds.
SPECIAL NOTE: A critical success on casting, increases the damage by a die and adds +1 damage per die. (Ex. 2d-2 becomes 3d)

Corellon’s Mettle (VH)

Meta (Clerics of Corellon with at least Power Investiture 4 ONLY)

You must touch the subject, and they must be willing. For the duration of the spell, the subject may ignore the effects of any ongoing spell or supernatural effect on them. Spells/effect originating from the caster of this spell may not be ignored.

Time to Cast: 2 seconds
Cost: 4. Same cost to maintain. (CANNOT BE DISCOUNTED)
Duration: 10 seconds

Mass Teleport (VH)

Area; Resisted by Will+1

As Teleport, but affects all those the caster wishes within an area centered on himself. All affected will go to the same location, and the caster will always travel on a success. The weight limit is based on the Heavy capacity of the caster. There is a -1 skill penalty for each individual the caster wishes to affect within the area (excluding the caster). Distance penalties and results upon failure are the same as Teleport.

Base Cost: The cost of a normal Teleport to the target location.
Additional Cost: 1 per multiple of weight beyond normal capacity.
Time To Cast: 3 seconds
Prerequisites: Teleport Other, Magery 3, IQ 14+, at least 8 other Movement spells

New Spells

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