Lady Ky'istara

Lady Ky’istara is a (seemingly) wealthy human who put together the Tournament that was held in Gotham. At the Winner’s Banquet, she revealed that an alternative reason for hosting the Tournament: recruitment. She is in the market to obtain a variety of artifacts, and she had hoped that a few of the Winner’s could be persuaded to help her. She offered $500,000 sp for each artifact retrieved. Interested parties should visit her at her mansion in Ugini, Pelevion for further details.

She also revealed that she had had a few people helping her evaluate our worth. Jeska (who had warned us that this was a trap), Merak (co-winner of the individual battles), (one of) Merak’s brother(s), and Mizar (another opponent in the Tournament).

After the meal (which included a few nobles as well as the Winner’s), people milled together in little social groups. The only true exception was Kyra Dredul snd Torver — who had positioned themselves for a potential battle (NOTE: Jeska had let Kyra’s group know about the trap, and Kyra had warned Torver and Team 6). Lady Ky’istara group included all of her people. Only Kyra’s group interacted with them (but normally in twos). The nobles discussions seemed to stem around employing some of the winners as security.

Team 6 was of the opinion that Lady Ky’istara’s offer was too good to be true. Why would anyone with that sort of money need to recruit help through a Tournament? Why did she need our help anyway? Looking at her current entourage…both Merak (who was almost unstoppable) and Mizar did well in the individual battles. Who knows how well the others would have done? What did Lady Ky’istara really get out of the Tournament? There was no profit to be made in it…so why did she throw away the money?

After leaving the Banquet, Kyra found out the following information:

  • One of the Artifacts that she wants is Orchid Malevolence (Not revealed to Dwarves – yet)
  • She is Looking for Kyra’s Orb of Questions (Not revealed to Dwarves)
  • She is looking for Alberron’s Orb
  • She is looking for (but not yet in possession of any) Lost Blades
  • Torver has an item(s) that she is looking for
  • She has taken possession of some of the Tournament items that she was looking for.
  • Lady Ky’istara and her entourage are Psionic.
  • Megrez (also one of Merak’s brothers) is also working for Lady Ky’istara.
  • Lady Ky’istara is responsible for the Missing Caravans.
  • Lady Ky’istara is responsible for the Missing Spidersilk Village.
  • Corellon’s Radiance was attacked in the search for artifacts for Lady Ky’istara.

Lady Ky'istara

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