House Rules

  1. Magical Augment bonuses are applied after any relevant halving of values.
  2. Powerstones store mana/energy, not fatigue. Thus they can only power spells or magic items, not abilities or skills like Power Blow, psionics, or any sort of physical exertion.
  3. Defensive Luck applies to stay conscious and Death Rolls

Extra Magery Bonuses

Magery 1: Multicast on Critical Success

  • Choose one from this list:
    • Another copy of the spell (may choose new/separate targets)
    • Double duration
    • Double some numeric effect (ex. damage, a penalty)
    • Double area (only for Area spells)

Magery 2: Favored Spell (takes 1 full day of study to change this spell)

  • Except on a critical fumble, you may reroll 1 die per casting
  • Critical success range is increased by 1

Magery 3: Favored College (takes 1 full month of study to change this college)

  • For every extra 2 energy per spell you increase you effective skill level by 1
  • Spells from this college do not count as active spells when you cast further spells

Skill Advancement

There are 2 ways to learn/advance a skill:

  1. Use the skill (or its default) and put points in it before the next session
  2. Spend 200 hours learning the skill (perhaps more depending on method) to gain a free point in it (Note: this does allow you to spend points in it after the session but before the next)

Typical monetary rates for learning spells (Note: not all prices available in all areas):

  • 250sp/spell for Hard spells
  • 500sp/spell for Very Hard spells
    (Didela members get a 15% discount at any Didela college)

Combat Skills

  • Easy 50sp/point (200sp intensive)
  • Average 80sp/point (320sp intensive)

Two-Handed (Dual Weapon) 150sp (600sp intensive)
Short Sword (Dual Weapon) 100sp (400sp intensive)

Language Skills

  • 25sp/point

Diplomacy 100/point

House Rules

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