Brief History Lesson!

900 years ago, a man called The Dominator came to power. It is unknown where he came from or how he gained so much power. He used this power to “take” 10 others, who were already incredibly strong. Being “taken” unlocked even more power in these individuals, but came at a price: they were now under The Dominator’s direct control. With the help of his new lieutenants, he quickly conquered the known world. After decades of control, both The Dominator and The 10 Who Were Taken mysteriously disappeared. No word as to who, why, or how such a thing occurred. Life slowly, but surely, returned to how it had once been.

Over time, stories of The Dominator and The 10 Taken became the stuff of legend and fairytales. Few records were kept of their time in power.

After 500 years, the world was shocked again. A brilliant shooting star streaked across the sky and exploded, sending fragments around most of the western continent (and most of them landing in Khatovar). Those that came into contact with these fragments gained unusual powers, and sometimes even went crazy. But there was no simple cure. Worse yet, if someone “infected” like this died, their body turned to the same crystal that had given them this power. Thus the cycle could continue indefinitely. After only a few months, these people, even those under quarantine and/or lock and key, were abducted. Some say that a being went around killing the infected, and absorbing the powers for himself. Others tell tales of mysterious group of people that sought out these people and using some unknown power, removed this taint from their souls. Others simply went missing, never to be seen again.

This marked the beginning of terrible times. Over the next year many tragic events occurred. Dozens of mysterious deaths (from commoners to nobles). The Didela’s tower in Khatovar was destroyed. Ranna, the famed dragonslayer, was supposedly killed. Strange beasts were seen, many attacking trade routes. Oddly localized natural disasters claimed many lives. Khatovar and Elm’ril geared for war with each other, legions of dragons leveled both Orzhova and Therryn. Reports from Tocora say that groups of dragons even attacked many dwarven strongholds and cities. The King of Khatovar, Keveras Lorakythe, was killed and a great deal of the castle seemingly melted away. The Queen of Elm’ril, Alyx Typhae, didn’t give her annual speech (her high mage, Bellus, did as acting-queen), to which there were rumors that she had been assassinated. One of Veros’ Council of Seven had been killed, and his replacement, the mysterious Archmage Trekep, brought many controversial laws and regulations with him. Something strange happened in the heart of the dragonlands, for undead spirits have been seen (still to this day) all around what is now called The Deathlands. And finally, some great cosmic accident that remains a mystery, even to the powerful Didela, swept the world and magic users temporarily lost their gifts and magic items lost their function. After a long two weeks, magic returned, but not every item regained its function. During this time, many mages were killed, unable to properly defend themselves.

Elm’ril was in the best position to bounce back, and indeed stretched out its borders following its successful repulsion of Khatovar’s invading force. Veros, the only country that suffered no severe governmental loss, quickly annexed Orzhova (renaming it to Pelevion) and Therryn. Khatovar still hasn’t regained its place as a bastion of freedom and trade. Indeed, one island of Khatovar declared independence. Arcium is now a tiny nation-state, and has generally kept to itself since forming. North-east of The Deathlands, an island formely swarming with warring nomads has also been established as a new country, Afraea. Little else is known about Afraea due to its remote location and proximity to The Deathlands. The Obsidian Isle, a formely normal island now made entirely of obsidian except for some untouched structure near the center, is left abandoned. Those that go there tend not to return.

And thus, the world has stayed for the next 400 years, leading to life as it is today.

The year is now 949, and as many years since the Dominator first asserted his power, and so the calendar was started anew.

Brief History Lesson!

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