Purchasing Books

Basic Language Books – 25sp
Basic Hard Skills Books – 20sp

Books in our little library

These books are only good for the first point in a spell

Movement College for Beginners – $500
Haste Grease Quick March Great Haste Glue
Deflect Missile Lighten Burden Dancing Object Apporation Slow Fall
Basic (Meta) Linking Spells – $700
Link Penetrating Spell Maintain Spell Delay Hang Spell
Basic Illusion & Creation College (Gemma) – $1000
Simple Illusion Illusion Shell Know Illusion Complex Illusion Perfect Illusion
Initiative Control Illusion Dispel Illusion Phantom Illusion Disguise
Independence Create Object Duplicate
Making & Breaking College – $1000
Find Weakness Restore Rejoin Clean Dye
Repair Soil Proof Stiffen Knot Fasten
Sharpen Copy Inscribe
Knowledge College – $750
Seeker Pathfinder Trace Far Hearing Far Feeling
Air Vision Wizard Eye Invisible Wizard Eye Earth Vision
Basic Enchantment College – $1600
Enchant Limit Staff Power Stone Remove Enchantment
Fortify Power Mana Stone Talisman Amulet
Attune Password Name Lighten
Mind Control – $800 (Balthier)
Foolishness Daze Mass Daze Fascinate Sleep
Mass Sleep Dream Sending Dream Projection Nightmare Peaceful Sleep
Communication & Empathy Spells – $750
Persuasion Sense Emotion Sense Foes Borrow Language Lend Language
Gift of Tongues Gift of Letters
Protection & Warning Spells – $500
Block Hardiness Turn Blade Deflect Missle Catch Missle
Return Missle Reflect Gaze Iron Arm
Weather for Beginners – $750
Frost Cool Predict Weather Warm Snow
Fog Rain Clouds Lightning Wind
Spark Cloud
Advanced Weather Spells – $1000
Hail Storm Lightning Armor Body of Lightning Lightning Weapon
Ball of Lightning Lightning Whip Lightning Missiles Shocking Touch Spark Storm
Cloud Walking Cloud Vaulting
Earth Spells for Dummies(Kyra) – $675
Seek Earth Shape Earth Earth to Air Earth Vision Create Earth
Earth to Stone Stone to Earth Earth to Water Predict Earth Movement Essential Earth
Earth Spells for Intermediate Dummies – $850
Earthquake Purify Earth Stone Missile Sand Jet Mud Jet
Walk Through Earth Control Earth Elemental Summon Earth Elemental Create Earth Elemental
Earth Spells for Advanced Dummies – $1000
Volcano Flesh to Stone Stone to Flesh Partial Petrification Body of Stone
Steel Wraith Rain of Stones Entombment Alter Terrain Move Terrain
Language (Reading/Writing) Books – $25
Abyssal Celestial Draconian Infernal Sylvan


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