Tag: Lady Ky'istara


  • Merak

    * Works for Lady Ky'istara * Utilizes Psionics * "Psionic" spell that causes the opponent to receive the damage

  • Lady Ky'istara

    Lady Ky'istara seems to be a leader of a group that is searching for Artifacts. * Willing to pay 500,00 silver per Artifact retrieved. * Jeska, Merak, Mizar, and Merak's brother (Alcor) are part of her minions. * A couple (if not all) of her minion's …

  • Mizar

    An opponent in the Tournament. He used some sort of Necromantic spell (most likely Psionic) to weaken Morel during the Tournament. It was later revealed (at the Winner's Banquet) that he was a part of Lady Ky'istara's entourage.