z_The Zenith

Atlar Restored

Balthier tries to pursuade Sylus to make him the avatar that frees him
– Asks “Why does Vecna hate you?”

It’s Wednesday the 23rd
– The altar is fixed
– Gemma calls Tathel and elves come back
– Ritual must happen at night
– There is a comet in the sky that’s very bright

Ritual went really well (5)
– Gemma is the target
– Took the better part of an hour
– Small shaft of light coming down from the comet/star onto the altar
– Gemma is alive
– No noticeable difference felt or observed
– Sylus looks puzzled
– It was supposed to unlock hidden potential

Gemma tries magic unknown to her
– Telepathy
– Tries to read Balthier’s mind
– Didn’t work
– Tries to Free Sylus
– Uses her luck
– Spends all 20 of her FP for the effort
– Stays conscious
– No apparrent effect
– Tries to absorb power from the altar
– No effect
– Silus gives 10 FP to Gemma
– Tries to get to the plane where her sister is
– Spends 20 FP
– Succeeds in effort
– Sister still can’t talk

– “We have 2 more days of this comet, I’ll see if I can’t amend the ritual”
– It is not chance that the comet is here now.
– Rests for an hour or 2
– Tries again on Gemma’s sister
– “Hold on, Gemma’s Sister is about to try something!”
– Sylus starts to glow a little bit and everything on the island
flashes a little bit. Then everything rushes to him.
– Sylus falls over and a portal opens
– A humanoid hand reaches through and
says “It’s about time!” in a female voice
– Gemma’s sister also disappears

– “What happened?”

Gemma reappears
– “Akasha got the power from the ritual and tried to free him.”
– “I assumed it worked because Wes Jas took him.”

– “So… you did what you needed to do with it?”
– “I’m free to take it?”

– “No, we’ll come along with you”

– “Let me call one of my brothers and he’ll arrange transport.”

Gemma wants to stay behind to wait to hear from Sylus or the Cat people

Merak, Mizar, Megrez and Alcor arrive.

Merak => unarmed
Mizar => staff
Megrez => mace
Alcor => naginata

Merak points at Morel
Mizar makes Morel, Balthier and Gemma feel sick
Jeska shields herself in Lightning
Alcor makes his weapon blury
Megrez does something (not magic)

Morel sinks into the ground/opens up the ground underneath altar
– altar slowly sinks (1" or 2")
Mizar moves and people affected with nausea changes
Balthier blink daggers away to Kyra (well away from the action)

Gemma creates a Sunbolt
Tyranna does her body of fire thing
– attacks Jeska

Merak takes fire damage for Tyranna area affect
– Morel takes 11 damage
– Merak does something and in his hand appears a candle flame
Mizar hits Red once
– Red loses his Grace spell
Jeska takes a step and stabs her sword into the ground
and just holds it there for a second
Red has a critical failure with Tannaris (18) (4) then (14)
– Tannaris gets thrown far away

Morel hits Megrez damages his arm 21 cutting with Astral Avenger (3 FP damage)
Gemma takes fire damage 11
Tyranna attacks and crits on Jeska
Merak takes 7 fire damage
– Tries to grapple Tyranna
Mizar hits Red for 24 DAM
Balthier offensively Blink Dagger then power blows Megrez
Tathel gives Corellon’s Mettle to Red (Round 4)
A lightning bolt hits the 7 hexes next to Jeska
– 16 damage to Merak
– Jeska crits Tyranna (physical does little damage, but lightning damage)
– Hits Red, but he parries
Kyra does Psionic Numification on Megrez
– Succeeds (Costs 4 FP)
– 2 minutes without psionic powers

Morel 20 cutting burn of 1 against Megrez
– Megrez drops
Gemma hits Jeska with a Sunbolt 19 impaling
– It was 1 more than the damage than she had taken this whole time
– Takes 12 fire damage, so Morel takes 12 fire damage
– Chases a retreating Tyranna
Mizar presses the advantage against Red (misses)
Balthier coup de gras Megrez
Tathel starts casting Corellon’s Mettle

Morel starts turning on his Ring of Lightning Resist
Gemma starts casting
Tyranna attacks Merak gives 16 damage to him and Morel
– Morel loses his attempt to cast Lightning Ring
– crits and does 14 past his 12 armor
Balthier uses Blink Dagger to attack Alcor with Power Blow
– Does 17 damage
Jeska attacks Kyra, but she blinks away
Alcor uses a blurry naginata against Balthier
– Balthier successfully parries
Red fumbles his attack with Tannaris (turns in his hand)
– Recalls it after his attack to neutralize the effect
Kyra recovers from disorientation

Morel attempts Lightning Resist again
Gemma still working on Great Haste
Merak fails grapple on Tyranna
Tathel finishes casting Corellon’s Mettle on Morel
Jeska continues pursuing Kyra

Gemma great haste then body of air
Tyranna goes unconscious, but not before teleporting into
the middle of the party
Mizar hits Red with his quarterstaff
Balthier takes 9 fire damage then blinks away and starts casting again
Tathel takes 9 fire damage then tries healing Tyranna (crit failure)
– castor is stunned, but recovers and blinks away
Jeska takes 9 fire damage then tries to attack Kyra
Red attacks and critical failure with short short (sword turns can’t be used)

Morel takes 4 fire damage attacks right arm of Alcor with 23 cutting
Gemma takes 4 fire damage then turns on Fire Resist through Ungarato
– Starts Sunbolt
Tyranna gives 7 fire damage
– Merak takes 7 damage
– Merak says in Silvan to Jeska “Let’s get out of here!”
– Kyra says “They’re leaving!”
Mizar takes some parting shots at the dwarfs as he runs away
Alcor has a crit success against Red, but Red uses defensive luck to avoid it
Red goes unconscious
Gemma pumps up Sunbolt, throws it at Jeska and hits for 16 imp
– Interrupts her teleport
Tyranna gives 14 fire damage (range of 5)
Merak points at Gemma
Mizar hits Kyra, but she blinks away
Balthier turns on a 4 point Blur
Tathel does Major Healing for 8 at Tyranna
– Tyranna regains consciousness
Jeska tries casting… again
Morel hits Jeska with Astral Avenger for 15 damage and 3 FP
– Baraket teleports to Tyranna
Tyranna gets up and picks up Baraket
– Maintains her fire damage

Merak takes 11 fire damage and gives it to Gemma
– Tries to grapple Gemma (succeeds)
– fails to dodge
– Doesn’t lose her Sunbolt
Tathel heals Red
– Red regains consciousness and gets up
Kyra succeeds in casting psionic neutralize against Merak
– Gemma is no longer subject to his damage sharing ability
Gemma uses Sunbolt and hits Merak in the leg for 13 DAM
– blinks to safety behind Tyranna as her 2nd action of GH
Tyranna conscious does 12 fire damage
– attacks Merak and he fails to dodge Merak and he falls
Tathel does another heal on Red

Red picks up SS then takes a step
Gemma create a Sunbolt
Tyranna gives 14 fire damage
– decides to rest behind Gemma
Mizar critically fails an attack
– Gives himself 14 damage in the leg
Balthier “blackout”
– Mizar and Alcor succeed, but still -3 to hit
Tathel maintains Corellon’s Mettle on Red
Red starts casting Major Heal through Tannaris
Kyra hits Alcor in the eye for 9 DAM x 4 = 36 damage

Morel crits on Alcor for 30 DAM cutting (max damage)
Gemma shoots at vitals of last man standing Mizar
– Uses Luck to inflict 23 DAM x 3 = 69 damage
– Makes a new sunbolt
Tyranna’s fire is now at 11
– She passes out
Mizar throws down his staff and surrenders
Balthier kicks out his knees and positions himself to strike
Tathel heals Tyranna
Red heals himself for 8 and starts casting Major Heal again

Morel puts away Garvok and takes staff away from Mizar
Gemma drops sunbolt

Total Fight took 14 seconds

Balthier questions
– “Why did you attack us?”
Mizar: “Why do you think?”
B: “Revenge?”
M: “The altar”
B: “What were your goals?”
M: “To use it”

Morel: “It seems my compatriots are intent on killing you.
Is there anything you can say that will convince them to spare you?”

Tathel gives Morel a Great Heal. It only takes 30 seconds.

Morel: “I’d love to spare you, but you need to give me something to convince
my compatriots.”

Mizar: “I can’t give any information about mother’s stuff.”

B: “Then I have no further use for you.”

– Baraket
– Tyranna has it
– Mace
– Naginata
– Quarterstaff
– 2 leathers
– Necklaces
– amethyst
– garnet
– alapast azula
– Rings
– Moonstone
– Saphire
– Jade
– Topaz

Gemma leaves and finds a place to pray
Morel uses Garvok to bury all the bodies

Balthier knows how to destroy the altar, but he needs 3 volunteers
– Red, Balthier and Kyra volunteer
– Ritual happens and altar is altered

Balthier prays to Vecna to find out what happens if the altar is used now
– Vecna suggests avoiding either using the altar
or allowing it to be used on him

Gemma tries praying to her sister Akasha
– Tathel uses Telecast and Essential Food to give food to Gemma
– Creates ice bowl and fills it full of water

Thursday March 24th, 952
Tathel does a seeker on Gemma
– She’s in the forest by the salt desert
– “She’s close… within 4 miles.”

– “How would we transport the altar back to the pocket plane?”
– “The only thing I can think about is a gate.”

Vecna says there is problem with the gods
– a family spat with Wes Jas
– Cylus had an aspect of a godlike power

Morel uses Garvok to shift altar at a rate of 3 yards per second to go to Gemma
– takes less than an hour to get to her

Discovers that Wes Jas is related to Kord
– Wes Jas is fighting Kord’s grandfather

We’re still on Islad

Next Game Session on June 29th

Vault Room 2

Blue door in 1st room only reacts to Tyranna

Tathel does Instant Restoration on Balthier using Instant Restoration

Morel fills room with stone encasing 16 statues
Long robes appears floats around (can’t see feet… or hands)
Glowy blue stuff trying to look like a person
Statues all switch to white

“Good! It has been so long since I’ve seen anyone from the circle.”
To Kyra “Who’s this?”

“Is he back?”
“If he’s gone then why are all of you here?”
“Where is the first circle?”
“Why are all the swords tied to Tyranna?”

Balthier “What circle do you mean?”
Glowy blue confused by confusion

Council is 1st circle
All of the sword bearers are the 2nd circle

Gemma “I’m on a mission from Wes Jas trying to right a terrible wrong.”
(It’s a zone of truth)

Glowy blue
“If you’re not working with the circle, I can assume you don’t have the
passwords to continue. Let’s hope that you have satisfactory answers for
the keepers.”

Each of the people with swords melt into the floor.

Kyra stays
“You are of no consequence. Tell me of what the others are really after.”
Kyra says very little.

Others separated
Dark circle with a humananoid illuminated above him
Introduces himself as “The Caretaker”

Tathel and Red see an elf male
Gemma and others see a human male

Red explains about the altar and restoring Silus
– Reveals suspicion of Tyranna and Jeska
– Elf man asks Red to either destroy or return altar

Caretaker frowns as everyone reappears
“It pains me to do so, but I must reactivate the defenses.”

Party is completely unarmed and caught by surpirse. Red takes damage.

Caretaker drops 2 blue orb of energy that moves slowly towards
Balthier and Tathel

Jeska does something and then a dark purple cloud appears
over 14 of 15 deathclaws. (It’s a subtle.)
Each of them is drastically slowed.
2 rolls against death, but still standing.
No FP and just past -2x HP.

Deathclaws start attacks, but now it takes 2x to do things.

Gemma unhangs Great Haste
– Teleports Tyranna to room with exit
– Starts casting Sunbolt

Tathel teleports himself with exit
Balthier telports behind and does successful powerblow
Jeska still on her feet runs away… slowly
Kyra casts Teleport Other on Jeska and she ends up in room with exit

Homing balls (Cosmic Damage) hit Morel
Tathel’s ball goes over the top of Morel’s head
Cosmic Balls continue to home in on Balthier, Red and Tathel
Caretaker creates blue balls targeting Gemma and Tyranna

Cosmic balls pass through deathclaws

Caretaker makes no effort to avoid Morel’s sword or ax.
Caretaker sends Red ball towards Morel
Caretaker makes no effort to attempt to dodge Gemma’s Sunbolt
– Sunbolt doesn’t go through him, so it did impact in some fashion

Tyranna creates a tiny marble of a fireball in her hand
– Moves forward and presumably bumps it up

Tathel does Major Healing on Tyranna
Kyra hits Deathclaw for the 3rd time
– Deathclaw is not stunned… finally

Cosmic ball goes through Kyra and heads towards Gemma

Red ball moves 5 towards Morel

Blue ball damage to this point has been
– 5 Damage on Morel
– 6 Damage on Balthier
– 7 Damage on Red

– 8 Damage on Tathel
– 4 Damage on Jeska
– Red Ball Morel Stunned plus 4 damage
– Red Ball Red 3 damage

Gemma does explosive fireball to Caretaker
Tyranna moves into position to throw fireball at caretaker

Gemma gets hit with a red ball
– 1 damage and is then stunned

Tyranna gets hit with a red ball for 8 damage

Blue energy balls continue to improve speed
Red energy balls move at a constant 5, but take a second to move initially

Tyranna aims at Caretaker
Gemma takes on Body of Air

Balthier takes 8 damage from blue ball and 4 damage from red ball and stunned
Gemma takes 11 damage for blue die
Tyranna takes 2 damage from red ball

Tyranna has a critical attack against Caretaker
– It a 13
– Damages Caretaker

Red gets close enough to activate the last statue… who is not slowed
Balthier blinks back to room with exit

Morel hits a deathclaw, it goes negative and then it turns into a statue
Morel takes 3 damage from blue ball Red Ball does 6 damage and stunned
– Must succeed HT-6 or be stunned

Tyranna’s mini fire ball continues to burn for half damage of initial damage
– Caretaker has taken 93 damage
– Note: Next turn he’ll take another 3rd round of damage from the fireball

Blue balls do 1d plus +1 for each second it seeks a target

Red drops his ax and tries to fast draw his short sword

Kyra shoots an explosive fireball at Caretaker

Crippled deathclaw that isn’t slowed attacks Gemma for 2
– She keeps her Sunbolt

Red parries successfully
Morel hits, but doesn’t do enough damage

Gemma gets hit with a Red ball and then the Blue ball
– Maintains her Sunbolt

Caretaker takes 8 point of damage from Tyranna’s fireball… and dies

Fight took 10 seconds total
– Thing that Jeska did was only going to last 10 seconds
– Only 1 more

Tathel heals himself

Prismatic doorway appears (ROYBGIV doors are no longer visible)

Red has a total of 3 healings in the sword
– Tathel heals him 3x (Red at 23 HP)
Tathel heals him 4x (Morel has 27 HP)
Tathel heals Balthier for 8
Tathel gives Great Heal on Jeska
Tathel heals Gemma for 8

Red heals Tathel
Red heals Balthier

Gemma lends a 15 point powerstone to Kyra

Everyone recovers
Goes through Prismatic doorway
Caretaker reforms and talks to Kyra
“Only members of the 2nd circle may enter the inner sanctum”

Kyra “…so what does that altar do?”

Caretaker: “The circle that brought it here knew it held terrible power,
but they were unable to know what it did or how to destroy it.
None of either circle has ever come back since it was brough here. (Year 7)”

Kyra -Asks about deathclaws for the possibility of a tour in the colesium

Caretaker: “They are bound beings that only exist on this plane”

Kyra “Asks for the passwords”

Caretaker: “If the inner circle doesn’t deem to give passwords and they are lost
many things here will be lost.”
Almost every section of wall lights up with the hint of artifacts.

Everyone puts their blades in and all the blades lock into place.
The back wall opens up and we see the altar
3×3×6 feet made of solid obsidian

Red does Enlarge Other 2x on Morel and adds Might +10
– ST of 64 is just enough to move it with an extra heavy load
– Red carries Morel’s gear

Everyone takes their sword from the circle

Red asks if the Caretaker will allow them back to return the altar after they
are done

Deal was that we get to use altar
Lady K’s kids want to do something to it afterwards
– Worded very carefully, but she never promised anything

Jeska asserts she wants to stay with the altar until they are done with it

Vecna is the god of secrets
– Kyra sees him as possible source of the passwords

Party rides the big dwarf to Isad.

Get there and set down the altar
Gemma thinks to Silus stuff

Gemma teleports empty powerstones to cubby hole

It’s Tuesday the 13th about noon.

Party is tasked with what they will do for several days while waiting for Silus to repair the altar.

Dwarfs stand guard over altar and practice sparring during the days of altar repair.
Gemma and Balthier have a few minor jaunts, but stay there
Elfs leave island to do training with their swords.

Next game session is Sunday, June 15th.

5 points awarded

Vault Found

May 22nd

Party abandons hunt for wraiths
Red uses Instant Restoration to heal Gemma’s crippled arm
Kyra tells her aunt
– Eleniel turned Elven counsel into wraiths
– Still wraiths in the crypt
– Kyra and Tathel are willing to undergo truthsayer to prove innocence

After 2 hours Biinaakwe says everyone who is willing to be questioned
should come in for questioning. Even though the people would be locked
up immediately.

Tathel and Gemma set up a time to communicate in 7 days at noon

Elves gives all their gear to Gemma to put in cubby hole
Kyra gives the orb to Biinaakwe

Tathel questioned first (manicles chained to the table)
– 2 guards at door
– 1 standing in the corner
– 1 questioning
Tathel tries casting Haste and sees magic still works

Room is zone of truth
– Tathel tells his side of the story
Interrogators don’t seem to be buying the story
Asks for Tathel to demonstrate his ability to heal

Kyra reveals the source of her vision as Yasel

May 23rd
52 days training dedicated to training (ends Monday, July 14th, 952)
500 hours intensive
536 hours off hour training

2 points Dual Weapon Attack (Two-Handed Sword)
1 point (Short Sword)
2 points Dual Weapon Attack (Short Sword)

5 points Dual Weapon Attack (Two-Handed Sword)

Next day:
– Why didn’t you try to clear your name earlier?
– Why didn’t you come bring attention to your visions before killing Eleniel?

City leaders apologize for whatever injury to Kyra/Tathel from recent events

Kyra touches base with Gina

Morel recovers HT by the next day
Needs to succeed HT roll by 6 to recover ST

40 day mark Jeska contacts party letting them know she found pocket plane

Tuesday, July 15th, 952
Entering the vault
It’s above Council of 7 chambers

Party gathers Jeska and Tyranna
Gemma plane shifts into pocket plane and casts Beacon

Room filled with 6 statues of Silus
– 1 wall of energy (gate/portal)
– opposite is double door

Gemma plane shifts Morel first

Balthier arrives and immediately goes through the portal
Balthier immediately returns to party
Gemma demands that Balthier give him 10 fatigue
Balthier is sent again
Red goes 3rd
Gemma sends Jeska 4th
Kyra is 5th

Morel discovers the ground resembles earth, but it’s not
Red and Balthier study the double doors.
Balthier reaches for the doors, but stops himself.

Tyranna arrives looking tired

All arrive Gemma last

Morel turns on all 4 rings of resist
steel body [ 7 ]
Drains powerstones to recharge 10 and 5
Red turns on Might + 3 [ 3 ]
Grace + 3 [ 6 ]
Vigor + 5 [ 5 ] FP 21 → 26
Armor 5 [ 2 ]
Drains 2 10 – point powerstones
21 – 16 + 20 = 25

Red touches the door and the deathclaws burst out of their shell
Deathclaws are attack first
Morel hits and draws black blood

Red hits twice
Red 2nd hit is 12 damage, but it doesn’t do anything
Balthier Blinks and Powerblows the same deathclaw
Critical Failure (6 damage yourself)
– Hits himself in his other arm
– 15 DAM cutting – Armor divided in half
– Left arm crippled
– Down to 6 HP

Jeska crits on deathclaw
– does no physical damage even after dividing armor by 2
– Lightning damage

Kyra’s spell fails, but she quick draws and fires. (Deathclaw dodges.)
Gemma takes 2 points of damage as a Body of Air
19 points of damage for 20 cutting Garvok
Tyranna does Body of Fire except much more intense

Tathel hits with Chelan
– No physical damage
– +2 cold damage

Jeska says to Red “Cover me”
Kyra crits on her attack to the eyes
Red parries left claw and Jeska dodges right claw of attacker

Deathclaws take fire damage from Tyranna

Morel’s opponent half dodge
– Left Arm is crippled
– Right Leg is crippled

Jeska casts and lightning leaps from the tip of her sword
– hits 1 deathclaw and then jumps to another then another and then another
– All enemies hit (range of 4 from 1 enemy to the next)
– Then she stabs at it twice

Kyra takes 10 damage for starting her turn in a heat zone
Takes out 2nd eye of a deathclaw

Tiranna has 12 fire damage area affect round 3

A deathclaw reforms as a white statue in it’s original spot

Bathier uses Ungarato to blink away from a deathclaw attack

Blinded deathclaw turns and crits against Kyra for 19 points of damage
(Claws have armor divisor 5)
Deathclaws have DR14

Red removes the left leg of a Deathclaw

Balthier succeeds a powerblow

Tiranna does 12 burn damage for turn 5
Morel finishes the 1 that Gemma did 120 damage to and Jeska

Tiranna hits with sword
– no physical damage
– fire damage

Balthier succeeds powerblow and gets a crit (double shock penalty)

Tathel does explosive fireball
– 1 point of fire damage to Gemma
– 1 point of damage to Balthier
– 1 point of damage to Kyra

Tyranna does 11 burn damage for round 6

Balthier finally fails a powerblow

Kyra takes a hit and goes down

Deathclaw crits against Balthier with a 12 (drop everything he’s holding)
– Takes 15 damage
– Balthier blinks, but his sword stays behind
– Fails body sense without Shintar

Round 7
Balthier falls unconscious
Tathier casts ice bolt
– succeeds by 11 (crit)
– Spends 6 FP and gets 9D+9 DAM
– (Normally it’s 9D-9)
– Hits and kills the next to the last deathclaw

Round 8
Tiranna turns off fire as she runs away from last deathclaw

Morel removes the leg of the last deathclaw and then kills it with an ax
The doors vanish revealing a large room beyond it

Red cancels spells
Red major heals Tiranna for 16
Red major heals Balthier once
Red major heals Kyra three times

Morel steps into hallway in a guarded position
– sees 30×30 room
– 2 rows of 8 deathclaws
– sees 7 glowing doorways in the wall
– all different colors of the rainbow
– 1 is prismatic

All combat took 9 seconds

Party takes time to recover fatigue
Red needs to recover 21 FP

Red/Morel used 3 – 10 point powerstones and 2 – 5 point powerstones

5 points awarded
It’s OK to put points into combat skills because of the rest

Note for next time: Weapon of Kord for Balthier at beginning of battle

The Demise of Eleniel

Tathel gets mission from Corellon to kill Eleniel.
Kyra gets message from her demigod mom to kill Eleniel.
Red and Morel object to putting Khatovar and Gotham in danger of war.
Elves agree to allow dwarfs to defend Khatovar if a war breaks out.
Red gets Flashing Sunblade.

Morel mades an underground pocket close to crypt.
Tathel teleports everyone to pocket
(Rests half an hour)
Kyra casts continual light on breastplate
Morel turns on 4 rings of resist
Red uses Tannaris ST+3, DX+5, HT+3
Red drains 2 – 5 point powerstones into his own fatigue

Two animated guards
sword in one hand
claw like hands
Tathel Blink fails (-15 Teleport Shield environment)
hit with a claw
stunned and takes 2 damage
Balthier takes a critical hit against a claw
14 damage (Goes to -2 HP)
Red drops Flashing Sunbolt and brandished holy symbol
Gemma Great Hastes
Critical success
Takes -3 penalty for being close to a chanting Red
Shin-tar freedom helps Balthier not be parallyzed at the start of his turn
He retreats back to entrance
Gemma attacked by animated guards
Dodges, but hits herself with a 6d-6 Sunbolt
Morel dives down into the ground for protection
Gemma drops Orchid Malevolence
Casts Fireball in her off-hand (crit double dam)
Hits a wight and animated guard (52 at apex)
Morel emerges and kills a wight
Balthier tries to cast Freedom on Tathel (3 FP)
Gives Tathel +1 to HT roll to overcome paralysis
Tathel is no longer paralyzed
Note: Shin-tar gives a constant Freedom 2 to Balthier
Kyra shoots a wight in torso
Morel drops a wight with ax
Gemma almost hits herself with a sunbolt
Tathel heals Gemma for 8
Starts doing a Mental Stun
Balthier hastes and fails to powerblow or hit
Gemma gets hit with sword, but gets lucky and dodges
Red drops chanting and grabs sword
Gemma gets off a quick Sunbolt, but doesn’t penetrate animated guard armor
Crit against Balthier
Morel quick draws 2nd Ax
Gemma hits and kills only swordsman that didn’t run away
Morel kills wight
Red fails to heal Balthier
Kyra crits against final standing wight
Insubstantial enemies arrive (Greater Wraiths) (BS 9.5)
Gemma uses Luck to do extra DAM against an enemy for 1 point of damage
Red uses Tannaris to kill last wight
Red get hit by sword for 4
Gemma turns Balthier invisibile and he dumps a powerstone into himself
Balthier sneak attacks a wounded sword guy
Greater wight hits Morel
Morel makes HT-6 roll and loses 1 ST and 1 HT
Morel isn’t stunned, but he is paralyzed
Morel uses Garvok to sink into the ground and seal 1 entrance with stone
Red steps into Tathel’s sphere of protection
Morel seals 2nd entrance
Red drops Flashing Sunblade and brandishes
Gemma does explosive fireball
3 animated guards takes 10
Red/Balthier takes 5
Tathel/Kyra take 3
Tathel stops asserting True Faith and begins casting Major Heal on Red
Morel attempts to seal final door, but fails
It still works, but takes an extra turn
Note: Defensive Luck applies to stay conscious and Death Rolls
Morel rolls HT-2 to come out of paralysis
Balthier drops Shin-tar and grabs the Flashing Sunblade
Gemma does 4 explosive damage to Eleniel’s greater wraith
Tathel heals Kyra up to 7 HP
Kyra stands up
Morel goes underground
Morel surfaces behind Eleniel sneak attack
Eleniel turns and Wraith attack Morel
Morel Earth to Air wall
Kyra hits Eleniel from behind with a sneak attack
Eleniel goes unconscious
Eleniel’s Wraith targets Morel
Against all odds, Morel dodges the hit
The sword guys close in
Morel steps over Eleniel and hits her with an ax
Kyra attacks Eleniel’s vitals
Red steps over Eleniel and brandishes his holy symbol
Morel hits Eleniel and then drops Garvok
Kyra hits vitals again (Eleniel at -98 HP almost neg 5x)
Gemmma hits an incorporeal for 21 damage and kills it
Morel deals the death blow to Eleniel
Kyra puts away her bow and picks up Flashing Sunblade
Gemma advances to Red’s position
All undead run away

Gemma retrieves Orchid Malevolence
Tathel heals Balthier and he wakes up
Morel shapes Death Song back to himself
Tathel heals Morel for 8
Red heals Morel for 8

6 HP
3 FP
Currently ST-1 HT-1 from Wraith

9 HP
6 FP

It took 32 seconds to kill

5 points earned
Next session is April 6th
Note: We can’t spend points on combat skills until after finishing dungeon

The Demise of Lady K

Morning of May 7th

Lady K compound destroyed
Morel recovers Orchid Malevolence, Shin-tar and Chellan
from the wreckage.
Gemma gift wraps Shin-tar and takes him to have sword bound to him
– Uses Silver blood
Tathel learns Analyze Magic and learns the password for the mirror
– Elven word for Vanish

May 20th is the last day of training

May 21th

Tathel says “Vanish”
Stargate portal opens
– Can’t see the other side
Balthier walks through
Tathel seekers Balthier
– Wreckage over land in a boat
– The ship definitely fell from the sky
– Gravity changes as you go through the portal depending on mirror orientation
Balthier jumps back through the mirror
Tathel, Morel, Red go through mirror
– Almost immediately start falling back into it because it’s laying
on the floor
Salvage work
Red uses Tannaris and hears ocean noise
Bodies scattered
– Bore holes from twins in some corpses
Wreckage has already been gone through
Mirror turned off sometime during their journey
– It’s 3×6
Tathel uses the password to turn it off
Tathel teleports the mirror back to Cubby Hole

Gemma takes Tathel to Isad and gets Chellan bound to Tathel

Tathel does seeker on Jeska
– No

Tathel does Communication to Jeska
– Sorry to hear about your vault
– How are you liking the sword
– It’s great
– Are you still interested in finding the sword
– I’m trying to finish what she started
– Do you know where the vault is?
– I’m getting there… I’m finding lots of places it isn’t
– Is there anything we can do to help?
– Once I find it, I’m going to need help getting there
– Assuming one of us knows how… we’d be willing to help
– If not, it just adds more time
– What do you know about it the altar?
– That it needs to be destroyed
– Do you have a way to get in contact with us
– I have a way… unless you stay in hiding
– We’ll keep in touch then
– Unless we hear from you, we’ll call you back in a week

Baltier plays with Shin-tar
Tathel plays with Chellan
Gemma talks to Tiranna

Night of May 21st

All except Tathel
Go to Gotham bars
– Broken Drum (It can’t be beat)
– Gnomish bartender
– Recognized by some and greeted
– Kyra buys a round for the house $36
– Population up to 2000 from 500 back in January
– The party stays fee, but Gemma insists on paying a gold
– Gemma tries to get drunk p 439 alcohol
We all have to sleep tonight

May 22nd

Red makes an appointment to talk to the leadership
– Eats breakfast in the hour he is forced to wait
9 people in the council
– Gotham is 50 sq mi
– Kyra wants to buy the “elven quarter”
– 5 sq mi
– $500,000 originally
– $100,000 current price
– Gemma
– Would $30,000 be enough to start an orphanage?
– Yes
– Gemma gives money to the council
– Red
– Possibility of Weapon Master
– School of Combat
– Collesium (Lady K built specifically for our tournament)
– Kyra buys it out from underneath for $10,000
– Balthier
– Basic sewage system
– Aquaduct systems

5 Points Awards

Next Game: March 9th

Deal With The Devils

Bonus Item
Balthier gets goggles of Dark Vision Power 2
Gemma buys pocket mirror of communication
Buys item of Hush for Balthier with extra
Morel buys hood of Earth Vision Power 2
Red buys boots of Walk Through Plant Power 1
Kyra buys an item of Boost Attributes (ST, DX, IQ, HT) $120,000
Tathel buys 85 point powerstone blue necklace worth $148,750

Evening of April 3rd, 952

Gemma tries to use pocket of communication to call Balthier (unsuccessfully)
Tells dwarfs that she will contact them at 8 in the morning.
Goes to Azure Ridge to find Balthier
Uses communication to talk to Balthier
Vigil (1st) Reads Complex Illusion
Dwarfs find someone to train them in 2-handed sword (Get a full night’s sleep.)

April 4th, 952

Gemma communicates with Red in the Inn.
Decide to put off Two-Handed training for 24 hours
Tathel looks at Drop box and sees it has stuff
Gemma teleports (fails) with Balthier to Azure Ridge

Note: Meet same place noon April 5th, 952.

The dwarfs scout Ugini
All others decide to do training
Dwarfs camp out that night to be closer to Garvok

April 5th, 952

Gemma to teleport to pick up the dwarfs
Back to cubby hole
Morel drops off Garvok in hole
8:00 in the morning

9:00 Dwarfs is in Berly
Gemma just makes Red teleport (6 damage)
Rapid Journey back to base
Tathel tries to heal Gemma, but instead does that much damage
Dwarfs take up defensive places in alley and read/pray for a couple hours

10:30 The rest of the party arrives

12:00 Sofia places sword on the table.
Balthier places $500,000 in platinum on the table.
Sofia “I’ve been hearing interesting things about you.”
“There’s a bounty on your head.”
“There’s a bounty on the people going after that bounty.”
B: “Who’s going after us?”
S: “Vastna Narada going after the people going after you.”
S: “I’d like to take advantage of the bounty on your head,
but I don’t really want to mess with the Vastna Narada.”
S: “I’m not sure it’s good that you didn’t know about the protection.”

Morel summons Garvok
feels that this is indeed Tannaris

Dwarfs and Gemma go to Isad
Tyranna binds sword to Red

Gemma Rapid Journey
Fails – Appears to be floating in a void
Can’t see her little sister

Gemma succeeds in bringing Morel back to base
Red critically fails and makes Gemma 10 weaker.
Gemma has a strength of 2 for a minute

Both go into floating void with a Teleport
Attempt to Teleport to Base with Red fails
The pair go edge of 10 yard diameter sphere
Red tries hitting edge of sphere with Tannaris and it feels like it’s just bouncing off

Gemma casts continual light (day light) on saphire necklace
Necklace will glow for the next 11 days
Black dull walls
Casually float at a move of 3 move at will

Gemma does Rapid Journey and goes back to Isad

Silus – “Looks like you made a pocket plane”
“If you would have done it, I would have been extremely impressed.”
“Everything in that place is kind of locked away.”

Gemma – “What kind of spells would I need to get into and out of it?”

Silus – “Normally, a plane shifting spell.”
– “It might expire eventually… that usually doesn’t end well for things on that plane”
– “Evidentally because it’s here on the island you’re able to get there with your Rapid Journey.”

Gemma – “Is there anything you can do?”

Silus – “I wonder….”
Silus returns with his body.
“I never thought of this… pocket planes on my island.”
Does plane shift

Sees Red and plane shifts him back
Red is the second person Silus to meet in recent centuries

Everyone makes it to base at 2:00
Balthier tells party about Vastna Narada

Gemma talks to party about joining forces with Lady K to use the 7 swords to unlock
something powerful that was locked away around the time of the dominator

Black Altar is unlocked by the 7 swords, but only if each is bound.
Black Altar is what happened to Silus
Sucked out his power and put it out into the land
Silus was attempting to get more powerful

Decided that 14 hours is max training daily
It will take 28 days to complete 4 points of intensive training
3 out of 4 nights can be vigiled for an extra 8 hours (reading/praying, etc.)

Gemma talks to Tyranna
She agrees for total immunity or Lady K dies

Dwarfs vigil and train with sword powers

April 6th, 952

Red and Morel do sword training
Dwarfs vigil and train with sword powers
Tathel completes praying mass teleport

April 7th, 952

Lady K visit

Mass Teleport
Cost of 12 to a beacon with a Might of 10

Jeska (blue hair) is with Lady K

Red asks what it’s worth to Lady K to have someone bind the swords
Lady K offers $200,000
Red says $200,000 but Shin Tar gets bound to Balthier
Lady K complains that she loses a sword that way and Red is being suspicious
Red says he needs an immunity agreement for binder
Lady K says she can guess who it is
Red says that this means she knows her offer is very low.
Lady K says she will give us the full bounty plus 50%

Party Conference
The dwarfs really want this deal
Gemma says she could reserve Shin Tar for herself as a special deal with Lady K

$500,000 per sword that she has
Jeska wants to be bound to Barakett

Red asks about magical training
Gets appropriate advice
Gemma asks Lady K to use an Oath stone to promise to fully pardon and forgive Tyranna

Gemma tells Tyranna about deal
Gemma takes Tyranna to destroyed village in Rynak
All goes well Jeska lets sword get bound.

Lady K gives $500,000 to the party
Gemma takes $80,000
Everyone else takes $84,000

In a month we can contact Lady K again in a month to give her

$5 for Gate from Ugini to Tegas
$5 for Gate from Tegas back to Ugini

Red commissions a Rug of Teleport Shield Radius 2 for $22,000
Morel buys a Ring of Lightning Resist (Self Only) Power 1 for $151,000
He borrows $50,000 from Red and $35,000 from Gemma to be able to afford the item.

Game ends on Night of April 7th, 952

Group scheduled Vigils start on the night of the 8th.

Next Session Feb 23rd, 2014

5 points awarded

Meet Sofia

March 31th, 952

Red spends $150 to identify 15 vials
4 – Acid breathe
4 – Lightning breathe
4 – Cold breathe
3 – Fire breathe

Red decides to wear amulet of shaping

Ring of absorption
– Rounds down / Minimum of 1
– Takes cost of spell (high skill doesn’t change energy of spell)

Gemma, Balthier, Red and Morel travel to Tegas
– Red talks to enchanters about rug of Teleport Shield
– Morel takes deal for $66,000 (Borrows $25K from Red and $15K from Gemma)

Balthier buys goggles of Darkvision ($50,000)
– Balthier borrows $12K from Gemma

Morel and Red visit the fighter’s guild, but are politely asked to leave.
– People recognize them and their reputation proceeds them

To Pyraxix
Gemma and Balthier teleports to the fork
– Instead go just outside of Tirrana’s house
– Go to meadow with meadow with oragami flowers
Balthier picks a flower and finds it is just folded paper
– Back by tree where she first saw Silus
– Black and white phantom zone – sees her sister (giggling at Gemma’s failures)
– Balthier lends energy
– Gemma finally makes it to fork before Pyraxix (still in phantom zone)
– Gemma gives Akasha a hug and asks if she can fix phantom zone… yes
– Insta-teleporting back to dwarves (and a beacon)

Morel and Gemma go to tree
– Make it to fork in Pyraxix
– Balthier takes glove out of pocket and gives it Morel who puts it in the lamp
– Morel summons Garvok from base

Gemma and Red to fork

It takes almost 2 hours to get everyone there.
Plus 20

Pyraxix accepts Red’s offer for full healing plus dramatically
increasing size/strength long enough to conquer near by enemies in exchange
for some of the blood of it’s fallen foe
– Gemma teleports back to Tegas looks for vials
– Spends $6000 on 3 vials to preserve dragon blood
– Uses rapid journey and teleport combo to easily return to Pyraxix

“Great wyrm, Pryaxus!
“I have come to beg an audience with you.
“My offer is to fully heal you.
“I’ll make you exponentially bigger and stronger long enough to expand your territory and claim a foe’s treasure horde.
“The only thing I ask in return is to collect some of the blood from the rival dragon.

Red makes Pyraxix 4 SM bigger 1.5^4=5
Goes from 20 feet long with a 30 foot wing span
to 100 feet long and 150 foot wing span

Comes back with at least 2 bodies (bronze dragon or a silver dragon)
– Gemma gets 3 vials of blood from bronze dragon and 3 vials from silver dragon

Red shrinks the dragon

Gemma teleports Balthier

Red critically fails Might, spends FP
Red succeeds Might +10 for Gemma
Gemma takes Red back to base
Gemma ends Rapid Journey
Takes Morel back to base

At base
Kyra tells Gemma about Silus dream from her mother the demi-god
– Silus is bound to the island and his magic comes from the island
– Bald guy on obsidian alter (Gemma identifies him as the Dominator)
– Wee Jas tells Silus she can give him magic again,
but he needs to serve her on a later date
– Lady K is looking for the artifact used to bind Silus to
See The Zenith – Awry

There is a letter in the dead drop.
Balthier goes to Azure Ridge to pick up letter invisible.

Note Says:
April 3rd
Unlucky Pirate in Berly (Veros)

April 1st, 952

Tathel does seeker on Chellan string
– It is no longer on sword
– It’s in the same city, but not necessarily in the vault
– on the ground somewhere
Tathel does telecast to location of string
– fails first time because we were in the base
– Honesty disadvantage prevents him from continuing to search for the vault
– Honesty concerns about turning himself in to Elm’ril for crimes
– Decides to pray to Corellon to determine if he should turn himself in

Tathel prays 12 hours and 4 hours into the night/gets vision in the middle of the night
– Gives vigils all around (Gemma and Red lend energy)
– Decides current queen of Elm’ril that is only 1 elf instead of all the elves
Don’t turn yourself in

Kyra says Sofia doesn’t have Tannaris bound to her

Gemma teleports Balthier to Berly to scout Unlucky Pirate

Gemma and Balthier finds random person to ask for directions to Unlucky Pirate
Balthier buys cheapest beer
Gemma buys the strongest alcohol available (Doesn’t affect her due to HT high)
(smells like rum and tastes like fruit)

Morel splits his time reading Two Handed Sword and Garvok Shaping
Slept full night on March 31st Vigil
– 11 hours reading 11 hours shaping
Red prays all day for Instant Restoration
– 22 hours

April 2nd, 952

Tathel uses seeker to see if there is anything in the drop box
– empty

Morel splits his time reading Two Handed Sword and Garvok Shaping
Slept full night on March 31st Vigil
– 11 hours reading 11 hours shaping
Red prays all day for Instant Restoration
– 22 hours

April 3rd, 952

Gemma teleports to Berly with Balthier casts Beacon
– Red Mights Gemma
– Gemma carries Morel to Berly
– Gemma goes to Isad
– Gemma goes to Base
– Gemma carries Red to Berly with damage of 6
– Red heals Gemma for 6
– Red heals himself for 6

– Trace on Gemma to know where the Beacon will be
– Might then teleports to Berly with Kyra

Show up at 8. Meeting is at noon.

In Unlucky Pirate
Gemma orders hard core alcohol for $1 reads
Tathel buys hard core alcohol for himself and Gemma
Balthier reads

Dwarfs crash on a roof and read pray
– tries to bribe building owner $5 a piece
No deal
– Try to find nice place to rest, but can find no benches strong enough
– End up staying in alley where the party entered
– Become more vigilent at 11:00

Gemma gets a drink an hour until closer to time (4 total)
Tathel orders a meal of hot food $2 (treats Gemma too)

Kyra and Gemma look at dress shop
– low variety, but high quality

There are lots of wanted posters for the party

Human female (Sofia) arrives and sits at Balthier’s table
S “Uncomfortable without your friend?”
“We can leave…”
S “I’m here now.”
“Would you like something to drink?”
S “No”
“Leaving aside rumors about us being assassins, we are planning to
hit a certain employer that betrayed us.”
S “What that have to do with me?”
“We are collecting a set of matching swords.”
S “What does that have to do with your employer?”
“It would be getting her back.”
“We plan to get raid a vault.”
S “It seems I have all the up front cost in this…”
“Which is why we’re bringing this up now.”
S “What if there is nothing I want?”
“We can either give you gold or give you a certain amount of liquidity.”

Gemma shouts “Lady K is paying $500,000.”

S “So you’re offering $500,000”
“Yes, unless you find something else you prefer.”
S “I’m leaning towards the money.”

Tathel with Kyra make it with 2 damage

Gemma with Balthier critical failure teleport to base
– Islad tree Each take 9 points of damage from frost bit
– Makes it back to Berly
– Red heals Gemma for 8
– Critical success Might
– Critical success teleport Red back to base
– Gemma teleports Morel back to base

- Tathel heals Balthier for 8

Convince Gemma to sell Orchid Malevolence for $500,000
Convince Tathel to trace Orchid Malevolence location after sale
– holds Orchid Malevolent for reference for later seeker/trace

To Ugini
– Rapid Journey to base beacon
– Traces Gemma
– Teleport to Ugini
– Beacon critical (free)
– Returns to base
Tathel w/ Kyra
– Teleport to beacon
– Rapid Journey to here
– Red mights her
– Takes Morel to Ugini
– Takes Red to Ugini

After everyone rests
Bam! Artifact into money

Tathel does seeker on thread
– within a mile of Lady K’s compound
– trace – 60 feet into the building

No wanted posters here
– Dwarfs Looking for a place to stay
– Mid-range hotel $5 a room 1 person
– Dwarfs share room and one
– This is a metropolis
– Dwarfs are hoping to find a place to train Two-Handed Sword

Gemma and Balthier go to Azure Ridge to put message in drop box
– Balthier meets his contact and passes along the message

4 Points Awarded

Next Session 2/9/14

Journeys of March Conclusion

March 26th 4:36

Morel speaks to last remaining orc in Orc
The orc says he was drafted
– Dragon was recently wounded in a fight with humans with powerful swords
Morel tells orc to run while he can keep prevent the elves from murdering him

Balthier turns invisible and climbs up to the ceiling to scout
– Finds passage to left with goblins whispering in the dark
– passage to the right has been collapsed for a long time
– passage straight ahead is the dragon’s treasure trove
(dragon notices Balthier’s light)

Morel goes to passage to the left, sees goblins and calls for Red
Red talks to goblins in Goblin, “Are you guards or food?”
– goblins tell us that dragon, Pyraxix, has blocked entrance himself

Red drinks last fire resist potion and advances towards Pyraxix with Morel and still invisible Balthier.

Pyraxix is a 20’ tall dragon with a 30’ wing span.

Morel announces in Draconic, “I am Morel Glanent of the clan Glanent!”
“We have come for Ungarato. Surrender the blade or suffer the consequences.”

Surprisingly, Pyraxix doesn’t attack.
To Morel “Is that all you came for?”
To Red in Common “Is that all you want?”
To the invisible Balthier in an advanced position on the ceiling “Is that all YOU want?”

The party eventually negotiates with Pyraxix to give him the pile of coins they recovered from the pirates keep.

60,000 coins
There were only 120,000 coins in Pyraxix treasure horde initially
Gemma takes possession of Ungarato

March 26th at 6:00 Everyone teleports back to base instead of Big Dwarf

Magic Items recovered and identified (over the next couple days by Kyra)
Ring of Water Walking and Water Breathing (Morel)
Spell Stones (Red carries)
– 3 Remove Curse
– 1 Instant Neutralize Poison
– 1 Instant Generation
(Snowflake made of silver on a simple chain) (Kyra)
– Immunity to cold
– Concentrating can lower temperature
– Frost Bit spell (Skill of 25) (No energy discounts)
Small Statue of Wes Jas (Gemma’s deity)
– 100 point power stone
– It weighs 400 pounds

Currently Unclaimed Magic Items
Ring of Absorption
– If you resist a spell, gain half the energy cost it took to cast it
Amulet of Shaping (Rainbow of gems in a circle)
All spells with skill of 20
– Shape Air
– Shape Darkness
– Shape Earth
– Shape Fire
– Shape Light
– Shape Metal
– Shape Plant
– Shape Water

15 vials of unidentified liquid

Also have 25 bars of gray metal
Balthier uses contact to identify it as Etherium metal
– (Ethereal is the best metal for enchantments)
– Each bar is worth $8000
– Fence agrees to move metal giving $5000 in proceeds per bar

March 28th
Tiranna binds Ungarato Gemma
Tiranna binds Garvok to Morel
Tells them they need dragon blood to bind any more swords

March 29th
Fence pays Balthier
Balthier gives $31,715 per character plus an extra $6,000 for himself

Tegas shopping for Gemma, Red, Morel
Red and Morel buy potions of Fire Resist for $1,500
Red and Morel tithe to Temple of Kord in Tegas
Red and Morel buy books on Two-Handed sword

March 30th
Gemma, Red and Morel travel to the Deathlands to experiment with their swords.

Balthier, Kyra and Tathel go to Miresus via druid trees to pick up armor.
Red and Morel both have Dwarven +3 Heavy Steel Corslets ready
Tathel has his +3 Elven Chain Hauberk ready

Balthier goes invisible and walks over the wall.
Balthier visits brothel and gets a disguise.
He buys a horse to carry the armor and then easily passes security out of the Miresus.

It is the night of March 30th when everyone rejoins and has their new armor.

Journeys Of March

March 6 th

Decision made to look for sword in Rynak
Druid tree to Rynak then walks
Didn’t Big Dwarf for fear of collapsing ruins
Balthier intuition to lead to the closest settlement going south
Tathel teaches Red Elven for 68 hours

March 15 th

Mid-day party arrives at a settlement of 30 people
All people have been slaughtered
Red-haired twins attack the group

  • Demonstrate new fighting abilities
  • shock wave area effect that ignores armor and weaken it
  • martial arts skill to catch axes and weaken them
  • Warn group that shin-tar sword will be theirs
  • Fly away when Kyra unsuccessfully tries to neutralize their psionics
    looted settlement
  • 33 sp 387 cp (Balthier’s possession?)
    Balthier intuition to find base of flying ship

March 22 nd

Tathel seeker/trace on one of the twins

  • somewhere north of Tegas flying towards mainland
  • hiking was too slow to get to ship first

Balthier intuition to 3 houses as possible pirate bases
Morel/Tathel meet dwarven female at one

  • Morel unsuccessful at attracting her
    Red/Balthier meet burly human that tells them about flying ship
  • plan to meet at Sleeping Wench later
    Kyra/Gemma find locked house

2×2 section of floor under bed is an illusion hiding a hole
pirate house loot

  • sacks of coins
  • 13 landscape paintings
  • giant 3×6 mirror w/ gold frame (magical)
  • misc stuff; swords, armor, etc.
  • small chest (made lid invisible and saw felt lining) 15 alchemical vials
  • large chest made lid invisible and saw gray metal bars
  • large chest made eternally locked by a critical failure of lock master
  • full winter gear (leather) magical ensemble
  • fingerless gloves (6 spells each with a skill of 15)
  • rive
  • ruin
  • weaken
  • shatter
  • explode
  • disintegrate
  • boots 2 active spells
  • spider climb
  • water walking
  • vest +1 armor
  • Geas coin for the honoring of wagers – made non-magical trying to learn its nature (critical failure)

Gemma uses Rapid Journey to take everything from keep to secret base

Sleeping Wench Tavern

Pirate from earlier

  • someone matching Mizar’s description asked questions about ruins
  • Mizar came up from South, which is odd because any other port city is closer

Laughing Phoenix Tavern

Tiranna reveals herself
Offers a deal to bind any swords found in exchange for protection
Party accepts deal
Gemma takes her to Isad as a hiding place

Balthier tells Gemma that Tiranna was involved with the assassination of the queen
Tiranna traded Asheia sword to Lady K to have the queen killed
Tiranna summoned the bound sword back to herself and is now on the run from Lady K

Party teleports back to secret base

Mirror discovered to be gateway to an identical mirror in another place
An unknown password opens the mirror
It is almost certainly guaranteed that there is more treasure on the other side

Rather than investigate the mirror password, the party opts to go to search for Ungarato
To protect against other side of the mirror
earth elemental at base hid it in deep in the ground

March 26 th

Teleport to Tyrenova
Teleport to shore of Deathlands
Big dwarf until Balthier tells him Ungarato is behind them rather than in front
Hike back until a large cave entrance is found

Balthier takes lead approaches basin and danger sense
Throws glove into the center
It falls through the illusionary floor and disappears

Balthier spider crawls below floor illusion
Sees bodies of a few less fortunate and 3 entrances
30’x20’ Entrance at the bottom is huge and intentionally filled with dirt
There is a passage directly across from the illusionary floor

Party opts to go to that entrance
Morel given Hawk flight to carry Red and Kyra
Tathel teleports across, Gemma levitates, Balthier spider walks

Morel makes too much noise coming across
attracts attention of red scaly orc with claw and underdeveloped wings

Battle Act 1

orc breathes fire
Balthier dives past orc to avoid blast
Tathel blinks to opposite hallway
Kyra doesn’t have anywhere safe to blink and takes fire damage
Morel and Red take full brunt of fire
Gemma levitates too slow and isn’t there for fire

Morel chops off leg
Red hits the head
Orc goes unconscious
Morel hits head again
Balthier power blow for the kill

Battle Act 2

Red scaly minotaur roars coming up hallway
Morel uses hawk flight to close distance, so breathe weapon only affects him and Red
Morel drops ax
Kyra shoots minotaur in head, it falls prone
Morel explodes its head with a pair of ax strikes
No loot found

Red gives Weapon of Kord to Morel, who uses it to turn corpses to ash
Red has expended all his fatigue and rests in a small cave wreaking of orc
Healings all around/Morel sharpens all blades

Balthier recovers equipment and finds 12 sp 30 cp, short sword

Morel takes Fire Resist Potion
Red cast Hawk Flight on Morel
Morel takes lead exploring a series of tunnels
Minotaur den
Corpses with sprung traps
Long winding tunnel with a door at the end

Party decides on door finds pool with melt water coming down in a waterfall
Lizard woman standing on water
Lizard woman calls party infidels
Morel announces their intentions and issues warning to not stand in their way


Morel flies to oppose side of woman
Lizard woman drops sword into water
2 nd lizard woman sticks head out from the water
Surprise acid spitting attack on Morel
It destroys a big portion of Morel’s armor
Morel successfully strikes at 2 nd lizard head
She casts a fog over the whole room and disappears under the water

Tathel blindly sends an explosive lightning into the fog dealing slight damage to all
1 st lizard lady attacks Red, who is standing at the edge of the pool
Red breaks his ax hitting himself in the left leg for 6 HP
Gemma levitates close for the assist, but misses

Morel dives under the icy water using Hawk Flight to navigate the water
Feels strong undertow
Sees 10’ hole in bottom acting as a drain
Sees 2 nd lizard woman about to ambush Gemma

Morel attacks 2 nd lizard woman
Gets hit with another blast of acid
Front of armor almost completely destroyed

1 st lizard woman breathes fire
Red dodges left away from Gemma
He takes full damage, but Gemma is spared
Fire burns away fog allowing Tathel to see targets again

Morel chops off arm of 2 nd lizard
Her arm goes down drain and she follows after it
Red succumbs to his wounds and passes out

Morel removes the leg of 1 st lizard woman
She falls close to the water, but not in water
Gemma finishes her with a blow to the head


Magic ring from 1 st lizard woman

Morel completely chilled and suffers from hypothermia
Can’t warm up because of Fire Resist potion
Uses 2 spell stones of Dispel Magic to gain ability to warm up… and not die
Red uses 5 potions to get positive before Tathel helps with healing

Morel and Balthier go back to sprung traps hallway
collect burnable materials
collect metal so Red can repair Morel’s

Balthier finds active pressure plate
Morel throws a couple dead bodies on it
It opens to reveal a secret passage way

A couple hours down time healing, recovering energy and repairing armor

Balthier scouts secret passageway
Finds vigilant dragonkin in full plate

Much debate about tactics
Decide to ambush with missile spells/ arrows
Kyra – Icy Missiles
Gemma – Lightning
Tathel – Explosive Lightning
Balthier clings to ceiling
Dwarfs wait at entrance for sounds of battle
Morel has uses 2 nd fire resist potion


Kyra casts light at junction to attract full plate guy

Surprise Round

Kyra crits to an eye – rolls full damage
Full plate drops greatsword
Gemma and Tathel hit
Full plate is still standing

There is no place to Blink when he breathes fire
Kyra stands her ground and crits to the other eye
Full plate goes unconscious
Coup de gras


Full plate armor
Great sword
All loot left on body to be retrieved while exiting dungeon

Explores hallway not guarded by full plate
Rust monsters
Trapped hallways
Explores guarded hallway
Finds mess hall with at least a dozen place settings and food

Continuing down

Balthier, Morel, Red,
4:30 entering large natural chamber hearing flapping wings


Patchwork draconic humanoid (sickly) drops down blocking tunnel exit
Coughs fire down hallway
Balthier dives forward
Morel dodges in front of his brother
Red dodges behind brother to take half of the fire damage
All others blink away

Morel charges forward and chops off its left arm
It falls unconscious

Room is filled with at least 10 orcs 1 of which is reptilian
Gemma concussion on incoming orcs
Armor soaks up damage for dwarfs
Balthier takes 1 DAM

Balthier sees reptilian orc closing in to breath fire on group
Crosses enemy lines to get behind it
Instantaneous Power Blow
Critical Strike
Main Enemy goes down instantly

When all but 1 enemy remains, it drops its weapon and surrenders


Magic ring on patchwork dragon

Eleniel's Birthday

The party was panicking. They were trapped within a heavily guarded castle that prevented escape via teleport. The alarm had been sounded unexpectedly and 3 guards had rushed Morel with more on the way. Morel’s armor was crimson from multiple hits he had taken to the groin.

Tathel and Red were desperately trying to revive the queen of Elm’ril. None of the mages were ready for a fight and Balthier was talking about surrendering.

The one glimmer of hope was the force dome Kyra had created to plug the only way in or out of the room. It bought the party precious seconds while magic users were summoned. As more and more soldiers appeared behind the shimmering field, it made it clear how precious that time was.

24 hours earlier

The party had been spending the winter training. It had been uneventful until Kyra was contacted by Jeska. The blue haired psion warned an assassination was being planned against a high ranking government official in Elm’ril. It would be unique and happen by unusual means.

Kyra used her most powerful research tool, the orb of questions, and discovered the details. It would be an attempt on the queen’s life on Eleniel’s birthday. No other useful information came until the morning of Eleniel’s birthday.

Is Eleniel behind or involved in the assassination attempt Jeska warned about?


Eleniel was planning to honor the party by giving it badges. Could this be part of the plot? Kyra, Gemma and Tathel worked out a plan where the badges could be replaced with an illusion and then safely teleported away for storage.

Balthier suggested the badges be stolen and turn up missing. The plan had merit, but would be difficult to put into place now that the day had started and the badges were to be given out in short order.

In the end, it was Queen Ramina who calmed fears. She claimed that the badges were her idea. They were of a new designed and crafted not long ago. Eleniel only took possession of them just a week ago. It would be difficult to replace them with counterfeits and there wasn’t time for a nefarious enchantment to be cast on them.

With no indication of how the assassin would strike, Ramina asked Kyra’s party to act as bodyguards during Eleniel’s birthday celebration. Lacking a clear plan, the party agreed.

A guard carrying a box came up to the Kyra and the others. Without preamble, he handed out the ceremonial badges. They were gold with a ruby in the center. Kyra and the other mages noticed that they were enchanted.

Were they supposed to be enchanted? Did the queen say they were enchanted? Too late to ask the queen now without making a scene, everyone guessed. Better to keep the secret that the party knew Eleniel was part of the assassination than error on the side of safety.

The queen’s elite bodyguards were introduced to the court wearing their new badges. Then everyone deployed to their respective positions. Balthier stayed close to the queen. Gemma stayed close to Eleniel. The dwarfs stood back away from the crowd. Tathel and Kyra mingled among the crowd, but never far from the queen.

Things went well for a while. Then Gemma noticed that Gemma had no shadow. She discretely made her way over to Kyra and told her about it. While the pair was wondering what that shadow could be doing, Tathel brought their attention to Queen Ramina’s shadow.

If you watched closely, the queen had 2 shadows. The 2nd shadow was doing well in hiding itself, but sometimes the queen would move in an unexpected way it was revealed.

When Tathel informed the queen of the situation, she seemed a little startled and asked Tathel to bring the party to a private room where the matter could be discussed openly. Everyone in the party was subtle… except the dwarfs. They clanged and stomped directly through the middle of the room making no pretense at hiding their readiness for action.

A couple of the queen’s elite guards also came along, but were instructed to wait outside. This made Balthier nervous, so he asked the captain of the guards to come in to act as witness. Morel tried stepping on the 2nd shadow, but it had not effect.

People were just starting to discuss course of action to handle the 2nd shadow when Eleniel walked in. She seemed a little angry and asked, “what’s going on here?” As if on cue, light shot out from Ramina into each of the 6 ruby badges.

As the queen gave out a blood curdling scream, Morel instantly ripped off his badge and drove an axe handle down as if to shatter the ruby. His physical efforts had not effect because the light was still directed at the dwarf despite a ruined badge.

When the light faded, Ramina collapsed in a heap on the floor. Gemma ran to her quickly and took her pulse. “She’s dead!” Tathel tried to restore her energy and Red her health. Neither spell took effect.

Balthier pointed to Eleniel and said, “somebody grab her.” Morel was inclined to agree, but the captain of the guard stepped between him and his new queen. His hand was on his sword almost challenging the dwarf to try something.

Morel was unhappy at the situation he found himself. To get to Ramina’s assassin, he needed to get past the guard. To get past the guard meant attacking a representative of Elm’ril. Kyra probably cared more about the people of the land more than anyone else in her party. Even if he won the fight, he’d risk alienating Kyra.

Eleniel made his life more difficult. “Arrest these people!”

At first, Morel tried destroying the man’s sword. This elf was very skilled and it was difficult to land a solid enough blow to snap the sword.

Morel had to change tactics when 2 more elite guards piled into the room. No one else in the room seemed to be hostile, so they helped the captain of the guard with the angry dwarf. Now, instead of trying to break a sword, he was swinging low trying to cripple legs. This also proved problematic as the skilled swordsmen were able to parry everything he could throw at them.

It was a good thing that Morel was light on his feet because these guys kept him dancing. Even with his stout armor and great defense skills, he was getting hit lots in his weakest armored area. How he wished it was the end of the month when he would have his stronger armor to minimize his hurt.

Then one of the elite guards got in what he thought was a lucky strike on his groin. It dug deep ripping open his armor and drawing a steady stream of blood. Within a couple seconds, Morel was struck again in the groin this time the cut went deeper.

The mighty dwarf started to swoon, but shook it off. His vision clouded with a red mist and his heart beat loudly in his ears. These guys were really getting to him. Where was his brother? He needed an advantage or he would soon be losing more than his ability to procreate.

The party was panicking. They were trapped within a heavily guarded castle that prevented escape via teleport. The alarm had been sounded unexpectedly and 3 guards had rushed Morel with more on the way. Morel’s armor was crimson from multiple hits he had taken to the groin.

Tathel and Red were desperately trying to revive the queen of Elm’ril. None of the mages were ready for a fight and Balthier was talking about surrendering.

The one glimmer of hope was the force dome Kyra had created to plug the only way in or out of the room. It bought the party precious seconds while magic users were summoned. As more and more soldiers appeared behind the shimmering field, it made it clear how precious that time was.

Gemma released a Great Haste she had earlier prepared on herself and then on Red. Balthier gave up on the idea of surrender and instead went invisible. Tathel decided to let Morel hold off the guards while he prepared Great Haste on himself. Kyra clung desperately to Ramina’s body trying to figure out a way to get her to safety.

Thanks to Gemma, Red was able to Earth to Air an escape by the time any other spell caster had any of their magic ready. Gemma ran along with Red as he advanced towards the outer wall of the castle staying close to provide support in case he ran into resistance.

As soon as the way was open, the Tathel, Balthier and Kyra made for the exit. Morel was left alone to fight the 3 elite guards that he had yet to injure. He was unsure if this was a vote of confidence or simple abandonment.

Red only needed to cut through the 1 room to reach the outer wall. When he punched through, he saw a court yard filled with people and more than a few guards. It didn’t concern him. The party could get outside and everyone else could then teleport away. He cast Hawk Flight to go back for his brother as quickly as possible.

Morel was taking lots of hits. He was slowing down and finally gave up on simply disabling his enemies. He was going for the throat… literally. The captain of the guard might be the only witness to their innocence, but what good was that if he was dead?

Taking careful aim, the dwarf swung both axes at the captain of the guard. His head lopped off. Then Red was there taking pressure off his left. Gemma also hit that elite guard in the arm weakening him.

Then the tide of battle turned. Red and Gemma manage to double team the guard closest to them. He falls, but continues swinging for Morel’s groin. In the next second, Morel lopped off the head of the elite guard on his right. Red sees that the guard that went down fighting has passed out, but decides to coup de gra him as a matter of principle. What kind of tactics was Queen Ramina teaching these soldiers, anyway?

In the meantime, Tathel made it to the breach, which drew the attention of most of the guards. In response, he created a powerful explosive fireball. Only half the party had assembled, so he threw the fireball more to keep them at bay than injury anyone.

When Gemma went through the wall, an invisible Balthier grabbed her arm and whispered in her ear, “take me with you.”

The fireball didn’t scare the guards for long. They charged as soon as they saw Tathel didn’t have another fireball ready. As the dwarfs were flying out the wall, they heard “druid’s woods” than saw Tathel and Gemma disappear. Kyra was still carrying the Queen Ramina’s body attempting to teleport away.

The guards would be on her in a second, so Morel grabbed both Kyra and the queen even as Red continued to hold him and fly higher and higher. Then Kyra was gone.

Over the next couple of hours, the dwarfs made their way to the druid tree that would take then to Chrysavet’s woods near Gotham. When they got there, they learned that Gemma and Balthier had visited Isad and talked to Silus. He said they had parts of the queen’s shredded soul attached to them.

Kyra asked her druid aunt to preserve the queen’s body until a way was discovered to restore her. With Ramina’s soul shredded, that would be a difficult task. Tathel, Kyra and Gemma kept their badges and gave them to Chrysavet for safe keeping in case they were needed to restore the queen’s soul.

Lacking any clear direction in aiding the queen, the party decided that the best strategy would be to continue collecting the 7 swords. The party knew that one was on Rynak and another in the Deathlands. Flipping a coin, they decided on Rynak. It was far away from civilization and protected their allies in case Eleniel’s agents came looking for revenge. Best of all, Chrysavet had a transportation tree there.


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