Weather Falchion - One of the Seven Lost Blades of Power

weapon (melee)

Ungarato is made of normal steel, but through enchantment, the entire sword looks like glass with small air bubbles trapped inside of it.


  • Immunity to the elements
  • Can control the weather and even let the wielder become part of it
  • Can conjure up lightning bolts, gusts of wind, beams of the sun that have pierced even the strongest of armors

Current Info

Weather Falchion
Owner: N/A Location: Deathlands
Wielded: No Bound: N/A
North of Tyrenova; South of Berly
Creator – Solano
Race: Human Hometown: Alarru, Khatovar
Years in office: 19 Reason for leaving office: Death
Death Date: 180PD Cause of Death: Suicide
Note** During his last year on the Council he grew increasingly unstable. Rumors were that he had opened a portal to a place man was not meant to see, and it started destroying his mind.
Last Known Champion – Alvus
Race: Human Hometown: Tyrenova, Veros
Years Held: 4 Cause of Death: Went missing year 7, last seen in Tegas
Sword was appointed by Elylus who hung himself in year 24. Records show that a courier delivered a sealed message to him. He read the message and dismissed the courier. When his body was found later, the message had been burned


  • During the swords dispersal 2 champions resigned their positions and 1 asked to step down
  • Sword last seen in year 7 in Tegas, wielded by Alvus


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