The Seven Swords

Long lost blades of power

weapon (melee)
Asheia Baraket Chellan Garvok Shin-Tar Tannaris Ungarato
Fire Katana Lightning Rapier Ice Scimitar Earth Greatsword Travel Shortsword Body/Spirit Bastardsword Weather Falchion

Craftsman of the Swords

Azral Delir “Spirited-Blood Steel-Giver” was chosen as the craftsman for each of the swords because he was the world renowned dwarven smith at the time. The council held it to a vote after it was suggested that Azral make all of the blades. Unanimously, it was decided that he should.

Each blade was custom ordered by each member of the council, and in return the council paid him one lump sum of 150,000 silver pieces. In the years after the swords creation, he was asked to make replicas of the swords, but under no contractual obligation to refuse he refused them all. Azral was known for making only unique items, and never made duplicates ensuring their worth as one-of-a-kind.

Visual forgeries were made by other smiths, but none had any more magic than to be sharp and have a magic aura. Baraket was the most copied sword, because of it’s appearance many people liked to have a replica made to be on display in their homes.

Azral was one of the few people with any relation to the swords that died of natural causes, as an old, old dwarf, after moving back to Tocora with his clan for his last 50 years. (There are several biographies of Azral, since he was quite the famous craftsman. If you wanted great craftsmanship that also had looks, he was the go-to guy. He was frequently commissioned by people wanting to enchant the items he made. The 7 Swords appear to be the only artifacts to come from his work, though.)


The swords were first seen by the public in the year 187PD, 187 years pre-Dominator’s rise (!1138 years ago from now). They seemed to have “disappeared” around the year 7 (accounts vary, but year 7 was the last confirmed sighting of one of the swords). No one knows who came up with the idea to appoint the swords to champions, but it was announced at the same time the swords were.

Each sword has a bonding ritual that is required to unlock the abilities of the sword. The Council kept knowledge of what the ritual was to themselves, to prevent the swords from possibly being used by those other than who are designated. Additionally, they made this bonding ritual special in that it can only be bound to one person at a time, as well as teleporting back to the ritual performer should the bound individual die. Without bonding they still retain their innate properties, such as cutting through armor with ease and having a very nasty bite. Only once bonded is the full suite of activated powers available.

On average the swords were appointed once every 5 years (roughly 40 champions per sword) before their disappearance. Throughout the history of the swords, each of the Council did things a little differently. However, most generally picked a master of blades that they already knew and trusted. Every so often, a new member of the Council would hold a small tournament to decide who he should name champion. If one’s champion fell, asking legendary heroes was common. In the end it was purely the decision of the Council member appointing the sword.

They all were last seen sometime in the year 7, wielded by their proper champion in Tegas. The champions were based out of Tegas, so it wasn’t unheard of for them all to be around at the same time. No major event was scheduled or announced. And since they could be away for months at a time, in some cases, it was hard to notice exactly when they went missing. But that was the last time they were seen. The Council’s only statement on the matter was that they had, together, given all of the Champions a very important task. They frequently would reference the fact that the swords hadn’t come back as a sign the Champions still lived.

The Seven Swords

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