Body/Spirit Bastard Sword - One of the Seven Lost Blades of Power

weapon (melee)

This blades appearance varies based on who it is bound to. For example, more aggressive bearers have seen its edge turn serrated and the blade a blood-red. When unbound, it looks extremely nondescript except for some decorative etching on the blade giving away its true craftsmanship.


  • Hardens the skin of the wielder to that of strong armor
  • Can heal wounds
  • Can make one stronger and more nimble
  • Helps shed unwanted enchantments on the wielder

Current Info

Body/Spirit Bastardsword
Owner: Sofia (Well-Known Assassin) Location: Unknown
Wielded: Yes Bound: Unknown
Creator – Soukaev
Race: Half-Elf Hometown: Rosemarsh, Elm’ril
Years in office: 71 Reason for leaving office: Death
Death Date: 169PD Cause of Death: Murdered by Elven half-brother (M.O Race/Envy)
Note** Only half-elf ever to be on the council.
Last Known Champion – Covaeln
Race: Elf Hometown: Northwind, Elm’ril
Years Held: 7 Cause of Death: Went missing year 7, last seen in Tegas
Sword was appointed by Jolyra who went missing in the year 21.


  • During the swords circulation 5 champions resigned their positions.
  • Sword last seen in year 7 in Tegas, wielded by Covaeln


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