Travel Shortsword - One of the Seven Lost Blades of Power

weapon (melee)

Set into the pommel and grip are hundreds of tiny amethysts. The blade itself is made of cold-iron, giving the blade a slight bluish shimmer. There are intricate designs carved all along the blade, among the designs are the elven words for “swift as the wind”.
If dropped, Shin-tar will stay in place, hovering in the air.


  • No matter the distance, the blade can reappear in it’s wielder’s hands on command
  • Enhances the movements of the wielder
  • Aids escaping of bindings and restraints
  • Allows transport to the ethereal plane for a mere moment to dodge a foe’s attack

Current Info

Travel Shortsword
Owner: Pirate Location: Flying Ship
Wielded: Yes Bound: Unknown
The base for the Flying ship is located in Rynak
Creator – Canellis
Race: Elf Hometown: Silverwood, Elm’ril
Years in office: 111 Reason for leaving office: Resigned, and took a position in Elm’ril
Death Date: Unknown Cause of Death: Murdered
Note** His body was found in the year 140PD. Evidence shows that he was kidnapped and tortured before he was killed, his body dumped in the woods. An investigation decided the Vashta Na’rada was responsible.
Last Known Champion – Deshan
Race: Human Hometown: Gotham, Khatovar
Years Held: 9 Cause of Death: Went missing year 7, last seen in Tegas
Sword was appointed by Nessann who drowned in his office in year 15


  • No champion lost Shin-tar in a way besides death
  • Sword was last seen in year 7 in Tegas, wielded by Deshan


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