Earth Greatsword - One of the Seven Lost Blades of Power

weapon (melee)

The giant blade of Garvok is made of mithril, but near the base has a band of each copper, silver, gold, and platinum. The entire hilt looks and feels as though it were made of smooth granite, yet is just as resilient as any metal would be.


  • Allows passage through the earth itself
  • Can turn one’s body to the hardest iron
  • Can render one’s body immune to metal

Current Info

Earth Greatsword
Owner: Throck and Graxl Location: Near Azure Ridge
Wielded: No Bound: No
In cavern under lake near azure ridge
Creator – Dupere
Race: Human Hometown: Grishings, Veros
Years in office: 34 Reason for leaving office: Resigned due to poor health
Death Date: 150PD Cause of Death: Poor health finally got the best of him
Last Known Champion – Orithon
Race: Human Hometown: Eimeah, Khatovar
Years Held: 3 Cause of Death: Sword last seen in year 7 in Tegas, wielded by Gaivus
Sword was appointed by Mondur who, along with countless others, were poisoned at a banquet in year 8


  • During the swords circulation 2 champions resigned and 5 were asked to step down
  • Sword last seen in year 7 in Tegas, wielded by Orithon


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