Ice Scimitar - One of the Seven Lost Blades of Power

weapon (melee)

The pommel is made entirely of a white dragon’s tooth, ornately carved. The entire cross-guard is made out to be shaped like a white dragon. The blade is made of standard steel but with “veins” of sapphire over approximately 30% of the surface.


  • Melee spells can be transmitted through the blade
  • Grants immunity to the cold
  • The blade itself is so cold it can flashfreeze the flesh it strikes
  • Can encase foes in an icy shell

Current Info

Ice Scimitar
Owner: Lady K Location: Ugini, Pelevion
Wielded: No Bound: No
Has been inside the capitol of Mallowhall in the last year
Creator – Mederos
Race: Human Hometown: Coldflower, Therryn
Years in office: 9 Reason for leaving office: Excommunication/Death
Death Date: 185PD Cause of Death: Killed by Soukev’s Champion
Note** After Mederos had turned himself into a Lich, the council members had the wielder of Tannaris kill him.
Last Known Champion – Nezeth
Race: Elf Hometown: Miresus, Elm’ril
Years Held: 13 Cause of Death: Went missing year 7, last seen in Tegas
Sword was appointed by Duras who was found in his bed where it appears he aged decades overnight in year 17.


  • The champion appointed by Mederos resigned after Mederos’ death
  • During the years of circulation 3 champions were asked to step down
  • Sword last seen in year 7 in Tegas, wielded by Nezeth


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