Fire Katana - One of the Seven lost Blades of Power

weapon (melee)

The sword was forged from volcanic steel, giving it a somewhat blackened finish. At the base of the pommel is a ruby and set into the blade are a few pieces of jet. The grip is made of a dark crimson demon-hide.
As the sword moves through the air, it leaves a faint trail of ash. – Which happens even if the sword is not bonded


  • Grants immunity to fire
  • Can be wreathed in flames
  • Can turn the wielder into a being made of fire
  • Has a variety of fire attack spells

Current Info

Fire Katana
Owner: Lady K Location: Unknown
Wielded: Yes Bound: Yes – to Tirana
Creator – Delroza
Race: Human Hometown: Tegas, Veros
Years in office: 26 Reason for leaving office: Death
Death Date: 172PD Cause of Death: Poison
Note** No one was ever convicted of poisoning Delroza; many accusations were thrown around, but investigations continued to prove the innocence of each party.
Last Known Champion – Gaivus
Race: Human Hometown: Greyhill Crags, Khatovar
Years Held: 6 Cause of Death: Went missing year 7, last seen in Tegas
Sword was appointed by Vorethel who died in 23. He was assassinated by a crossbow bolt in the head; the assassin was never found

Misc Facts

  • No Champion lost Asheia in a way besides death
  • Sword last seen in year 7 in Tegas, wielded by Gaivus


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