Humble Blacksmith Possessing A High Mana/Wild Talent Orb

Alberon [ 153]
ST: 15 HP: 10 THR 1d+1 SW 2d+1
DX: 10 Per: 10 BL: 45
IQ: 10 Will: 10 Speed: 7
HT: 15 FP: 15 Move: 5
Warhammer R: 1,2* Dmg: SW 2d+4 imp (may get stuck)
Dodge: 10 DR: 0
Elf [ 25]
Metallurgy (IQ/A) 9 (-1) [ 1]
Two-Handed Axe/Mace (DX/A) 14 (+4) [ 16]

Alberon is a super villain who was formerly a humble blacksmith. He somehow encountered an orb and became possessed by it. Alberon had never used magic before, but the orb gave him access to anything he could imagine. Instead of becoming fatigued by magic, it invigorated him. There is literally no limit to the amount of magic he can do.

Early in his journeys, he destroyed a pair of houses by simply stomping his foot. The houses sank half way into the ground and became buried by all the dirt that had once been under them. Alberon is also known to have committed at least one murder that happened in town with onlooking witnesses.

Peter was commissioned by the Didela to look for the artifact that give Alberon his powers. He, Kyra and Sexy spent months looking for him before finally making contact with him near Eridale. Alberon had gathered to himself around 10 followers at the time. An aura affected Peter and Sexy and each prepared spells for the oncoming encounter. The pair came under control of the orb. Despite insurmountable odds, Peter and Sexy were compelled to attack. If not for the merciful decision of the last remaining thug to restrain the fallen party for questioning, everyone would have died.


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