z_The Zenith

Vault Room 2

Blue door in 1st room only reacts to Tyranna

Tathel does Instant Restoration on Balthier using Instant Restoration

Morel fills room with stone encasing 16 statues
Long robes appears floats around (can’t see feet… or hands)
Glowy blue stuff trying to look like a person
Statues all switch to white

“Good! It has been so long since I’ve seen anyone from the circle.”
To Kyra “Who’s this?”

“Is he back?”
“If he’s gone then why are all of you here?”
“Where is the first circle?”
“Why are all the swords tied to Tyranna?”

Balthier “What circle do you mean?”
Glowy blue confused by confusion

Council is 1st circle
All of the sword bearers are the 2nd circle

Gemma “I’m on a mission from Wes Jas trying to right a terrible wrong.”
(It’s a zone of truth)

Glowy blue
“If you’re not working with the circle, I can assume you don’t have the
passwords to continue. Let’s hope that you have satisfactory answers for
the keepers.”

Each of the people with swords melt into the floor.

Kyra stays
“You are of no consequence. Tell me of what the others are really after.”
Kyra says very little.

Others separated
Dark circle with a humananoid illuminated above him
Introduces himself as “The Caretaker”

Tathel and Red see an elf male
Gemma and others see a human male

Red explains about the altar and restoring Silus
– Reveals suspicion of Tyranna and Jeska
– Elf man asks Red to either destroy or return altar

Caretaker frowns as everyone reappears
“It pains me to do so, but I must reactivate the defenses.”

Party is completely unarmed and caught by surpirse. Red takes damage.

Caretaker drops 2 blue orb of energy that moves slowly towards
Balthier and Tathel

Jeska does something and then a dark purple cloud appears
over 14 of 15 deathclaws. (It’s a subtle.)
Each of them is drastically slowed.
2 rolls against death, but still standing.
No FP and just past -2x HP.

Deathclaws start attacks, but now it takes 2x to do things.

Gemma unhangs Great Haste
– Teleports Tyranna to room with exit
– Starts casting Sunbolt

Tathel teleports himself with exit
Balthier telports behind and does successful powerblow
Jeska still on her feet runs away… slowly
Kyra casts Teleport Other on Jeska and she ends up in room with exit

Homing balls (Cosmic Damage) hit Morel
Tathel’s ball goes over the top of Morel’s head
Cosmic Balls continue to home in on Balthier, Red and Tathel
Caretaker creates blue balls targeting Gemma and Tyranna

Cosmic balls pass through deathclaws

Caretaker makes no effort to avoid Morel’s sword or ax.
Caretaker sends Red ball towards Morel
Caretaker makes no effort to attempt to dodge Gemma’s Sunbolt
– Sunbolt doesn’t go through him, so it did impact in some fashion

Tyranna creates a tiny marble of a fireball in her hand
– Moves forward and presumably bumps it up

Tathel does Major Healing on Tyranna
Kyra hits Deathclaw for the 3rd time
– Deathclaw is not stunned… finally

Cosmic ball goes through Kyra and heads towards Gemma

Red ball moves 5 towards Morel

Blue ball damage to this point has been
– 5 Damage on Morel
– 6 Damage on Balthier
– 7 Damage on Red

– 8 Damage on Tathel
– 4 Damage on Jeska
– Red Ball Morel Stunned plus 4 damage
– Red Ball Red 3 damage

Gemma does explosive fireball to Caretaker
Tyranna moves into position to throw fireball at caretaker

Gemma gets hit with a red ball
– 1 damage and is then stunned

Tyranna gets hit with a red ball for 8 damage

Blue energy balls continue to improve speed
Red energy balls move at a constant 5, but take a second to move initially

Tyranna aims at Caretaker
Gemma takes on Body of Air

Balthier takes 8 damage from blue ball and 4 damage from red ball and stunned
Gemma takes 11 damage for blue die
Tyranna takes 2 damage from red ball

Tyranna has a critical attack against Caretaker
– It a 13
– Damages Caretaker

Red gets close enough to activate the last statue… who is not slowed
Balthier blinks back to room with exit

Morel hits a deathclaw, it goes negative and then it turns into a statue
Morel takes 3 damage from blue ball Red Ball does 6 damage and stunned
– Must succeed HT-6 or be stunned

Tyranna’s mini fire ball continues to burn for half damage of initial damage
– Caretaker has taken 93 damage
– Note: Next turn he’ll take another 3rd round of damage from the fireball

Blue balls do 1d plus +1 for each second it seeks a target

Red drops his ax and tries to fast draw his short sword

Kyra shoots an explosive fireball at Caretaker

Crippled deathclaw that isn’t slowed attacks Gemma for 2
– She keeps her Sunbolt

Red parries successfully
Morel hits, but doesn’t do enough damage

Gemma gets hit with a Red ball and then the Blue ball
– Maintains her Sunbolt

Caretaker takes 8 point of damage from Tyranna’s fireball… and dies

Fight took 10 seconds total
– Thing that Jeska did was only going to last 10 seconds
– Only 1 more

Tathel heals himself

Prismatic doorway appears (ROYBGIV doors are no longer visible)

Red has a total of 3 healings in the sword
– Tathel heals him 3x (Red at 23 HP)
Tathel heals him 4x (Morel has 27 HP)
Tathel heals Balthier for 8
Tathel gives Great Heal on Jeska
Tathel heals Gemma for 8

Red heals Tathel
Red heals Balthier

Gemma lends a 15 point powerstone to Kyra

Everyone recovers
Goes through Prismatic doorway
Caretaker reforms and talks to Kyra
“Only members of the 2nd circle may enter the inner sanctum”

Kyra “…so what does that altar do?”

Caretaker: “The circle that brought it here knew it held terrible power,
but they were unable to know what it did or how to destroy it.
None of either circle has ever come back since it was brough here. (Year 7)”

Kyra -Asks about deathclaws for the possibility of a tour in the colesium

Caretaker: “They are bound beings that only exist on this plane”

Kyra “Asks for the passwords”

Caretaker: “If the inner circle doesn’t deem to give passwords and they are lost
many things here will be lost.”
Almost every section of wall lights up with the hint of artifacts.

Everyone puts their blades in and all the blades lock into place.
The back wall opens up and we see the altar
3×3×6 feet made of solid obsidian

Red does Enlarge Other 2x on Morel and adds Might +10
– ST of 64 is just enough to move it with an extra heavy load
– Red carries Morel’s gear

Everyone takes their sword from the circle

Red asks if the Caretaker will allow them back to return the altar after they
are done

Deal was that we get to use altar
Lady K’s kids want to do something to it afterwards
– Worded very carefully, but she never promised anything

Jeska asserts she wants to stay with the altar until they are done with it

Vecna is the god of secrets
– Kyra sees him as possible source of the passwords

Party rides the big dwarf to Isad.

Get there and set down the altar
Gemma thinks to Silus stuff

Gemma teleports empty powerstones to cubby hole

It’s Tuesday the 13th about noon.

Party is tasked with what they will do for several days while waiting for Silus to repair the altar.

Dwarfs stand guard over altar and practice sparring during the days of altar repair.
Gemma and Balthier have a few minor jaunts, but stay there
Elfs leave island to do training with their swords.

Next game session is Sunday, June 15th.

5 points awarded


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