z_The Zenith

Vault Found

May 22nd

Party abandons hunt for wraiths
Red uses Instant Restoration to heal Gemma’s crippled arm
Kyra tells her aunt
– Eleniel turned Elven counsel into wraiths
– Still wraiths in the crypt
– Kyra and Tathel are willing to undergo truthsayer to prove innocence

After 2 hours Biinaakwe says everyone who is willing to be questioned
should come in for questioning. Even though the people would be locked
up immediately.

Tathel and Gemma set up a time to communicate in 7 days at noon

Elves gives all their gear to Gemma to put in cubby hole
Kyra gives the orb to Biinaakwe

Tathel questioned first (manicles chained to the table)
– 2 guards at door
– 1 standing in the corner
– 1 questioning
Tathel tries casting Haste and sees magic still works

Room is zone of truth
– Tathel tells his side of the story
Interrogators don’t seem to be buying the story
Asks for Tathel to demonstrate his ability to heal

Kyra reveals the source of her vision as Yasel

May 23rd
52 days training dedicated to training (ends Monday, July 14th, 952)
500 hours intensive
536 hours off hour training

2 points Dual Weapon Attack (Two-Handed Sword)
1 point (Short Sword)
2 points Dual Weapon Attack (Short Sword)

5 points Dual Weapon Attack (Two-Handed Sword)

Next day:
– Why didn’t you try to clear your name earlier?
– Why didn’t you come bring attention to your visions before killing Eleniel?

City leaders apologize for whatever injury to Kyra/Tathel from recent events

Kyra touches base with Gina

Morel recovers HT by the next day
Needs to succeed HT roll by 6 to recover ST

40 day mark Jeska contacts party letting them know she found pocket plane

Tuesday, July 15th, 952
Entering the vault
It’s above Council of 7 chambers

Party gathers Jeska and Tyranna
Gemma plane shifts into pocket plane and casts Beacon

Room filled with 6 statues of Silus
– 1 wall of energy (gate/portal)
– opposite is double door

Gemma plane shifts Morel first

Balthier arrives and immediately goes through the portal
Balthier immediately returns to party
Gemma demands that Balthier give him 10 fatigue
Balthier is sent again
Red goes 3rd
Gemma sends Jeska 4th
Kyra is 5th

Morel discovers the ground resembles earth, but it’s not
Red and Balthier study the double doors.
Balthier reaches for the doors, but stops himself.

Tyranna arrives looking tired

All arrive Gemma last

Morel turns on all 4 rings of resist
steel body [ 7 ]
Drains powerstones to recharge 10 and 5
Red turns on Might + 3 [ 3 ]
Grace + 3 [ 6 ]
Vigor + 5 [ 5 ] FP 21 → 26
Armor 5 [ 2 ]
Drains 2 10 – point powerstones
21 – 16 + 20 = 25

Red touches the door and the deathclaws burst out of their shell
Deathclaws are attack first
Morel hits and draws black blood

Red hits twice
Red 2nd hit is 12 damage, but it doesn’t do anything
Balthier Blinks and Powerblows the same deathclaw
Critical Failure (6 damage yourself)
– Hits himself in his other arm
– 15 DAM cutting – Armor divided in half
– Left arm crippled
– Down to 6 HP

Jeska crits on deathclaw
– does no physical damage even after dividing armor by 2
– Lightning damage

Kyra’s spell fails, but she quick draws and fires. (Deathclaw dodges.)
Gemma takes 2 points of damage as a Body of Air
19 points of damage for 20 cutting Garvok
Tyranna does Body of Fire except much more intense

Tathel hits with Chelan
– No physical damage
– +2 cold damage

Jeska says to Red “Cover me”
Kyra crits on her attack to the eyes
Red parries left claw and Jeska dodges right claw of attacker

Deathclaws take fire damage from Tyranna

Morel’s opponent half dodge
– Left Arm is crippled
– Right Leg is crippled

Jeska casts and lightning leaps from the tip of her sword
– hits 1 deathclaw and then jumps to another then another and then another
– All enemies hit (range of 4 from 1 enemy to the next)
– Then she stabs at it twice

Kyra takes 10 damage for starting her turn in a heat zone
Takes out 2nd eye of a deathclaw

Tiranna has 12 fire damage area affect round 3

A deathclaw reforms as a white statue in it’s original spot

Bathier uses Ungarato to blink away from a deathclaw attack

Blinded deathclaw turns and crits against Kyra for 19 points of damage
(Claws have armor divisor 5)
Deathclaws have DR14

Red removes the left leg of a Deathclaw

Balthier succeeds a powerblow

Tiranna does 12 burn damage for turn 5
Morel finishes the 1 that Gemma did 120 damage to and Jeska

Tiranna hits with sword
– no physical damage
– fire damage

Balthier succeeds powerblow and gets a crit (double shock penalty)

Tathel does explosive fireball
– 1 point of fire damage to Gemma
– 1 point of damage to Balthier
– 1 point of damage to Kyra

Tyranna does 11 burn damage for round 6

Balthier finally fails a powerblow

Kyra takes a hit and goes down

Deathclaw crits against Balthier with a 12 (drop everything he’s holding)
– Takes 15 damage
– Balthier blinks, but his sword stays behind
– Fails body sense without Shintar

Round 7
Balthier falls unconscious
Tathier casts ice bolt
– succeeds by 11 (crit)
– Spends 6 FP and gets 9D+9 DAM
– (Normally it’s 9D-9)
– Hits and kills the next to the last deathclaw

Round 8
Tiranna turns off fire as she runs away from last deathclaw

Morel removes the leg of the last deathclaw and then kills it with an ax
The doors vanish revealing a large room beyond it

Red cancels spells
Red major heals Tiranna for 16
Red major heals Balthier once
Red major heals Kyra three times

Morel steps into hallway in a guarded position
– sees 30×30 room
– 2 rows of 8 deathclaws
– sees 7 glowing doorways in the wall
– all different colors of the rainbow
– 1 is prismatic

All combat took 9 seconds

Party takes time to recover fatigue
Red needs to recover 21 FP

Red/Morel used 3 – 10 point powerstones and 2 – 5 point powerstones

5 points awarded
It’s OK to put points into combat skills because of the rest

Note for next time: Weapon of Kord for Balthier at beginning of battle


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