z_The Zenith

The Demise of Lady K

Morning of May 7th

Lady K compound destroyed
Morel recovers Orchid Malevolence, Shin-tar and Chellan
from the wreckage.
Gemma gift wraps Shin-tar and takes him to have sword bound to him
– Uses Silver blood
Tathel learns Analyze Magic and learns the password for the mirror
– Elven word for Vanish

May 20th is the last day of training

May 21th

Tathel says “Vanish”
Stargate portal opens
– Can’t see the other side
Balthier walks through
Tathel seekers Balthier
– Wreckage over land in a boat
– The ship definitely fell from the sky
– Gravity changes as you go through the portal depending on mirror orientation
Balthier jumps back through the mirror
Tathel, Morel, Red go through mirror
– Almost immediately start falling back into it because it’s laying
on the floor
Salvage work
Red uses Tannaris and hears ocean noise
Bodies scattered
– Bore holes from twins in some corpses
Wreckage has already been gone through
Mirror turned off sometime during their journey
– It’s 3×6
Tathel uses the password to turn it off
Tathel teleports the mirror back to Cubby Hole

Gemma takes Tathel to Isad and gets Chellan bound to Tathel

Tathel does seeker on Jeska
– No

Tathel does Communication to Jeska
– Sorry to hear about your vault
– How are you liking the sword
– It’s great
– Are you still interested in finding the sword
– I’m trying to finish what she started
– Do you know where the vault is?
– I’m getting there… I’m finding lots of places it isn’t
– Is there anything we can do to help?
– Once I find it, I’m going to need help getting there
– Assuming one of us knows how… we’d be willing to help
– If not, it just adds more time
– What do you know about it the altar?
– That it needs to be destroyed
– Do you have a way to get in contact with us
– I have a way… unless you stay in hiding
– We’ll keep in touch then
– Unless we hear from you, we’ll call you back in a week

Baltier plays with Shin-tar
Tathel plays with Chellan
Gemma talks to Tiranna

Night of May 21st

All except Tathel
Go to Gotham bars
– Broken Drum (It can’t be beat)
– Gnomish bartender
– Recognized by some and greeted
– Kyra buys a round for the house $36
– Population up to 2000 from 500 back in January
– The party stays fee, but Gemma insists on paying a gold
– Gemma tries to get drunk p 439 alcohol
We all have to sleep tonight

May 22nd

Red makes an appointment to talk to the leadership
– Eats breakfast in the hour he is forced to wait
9 people in the council
– Gotham is 50 sq mi
– Kyra wants to buy the “elven quarter”
– 5 sq mi
– $500,000 originally
– $100,000 current price
– Gemma
– Would $30,000 be enough to start an orphanage?
– Yes
– Gemma gives money to the council
– Red
– Possibility of Weapon Master
– School of Combat
– Collesium (Lady K built specifically for our tournament)
– Kyra buys it out from underneath for $10,000
– Balthier
– Basic sewage system
– Aquaduct systems

5 Points Awards

Next Game: March 9th


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