z_The Zenith

The Demise of Eleniel

Tathel gets mission from Corellon to kill Eleniel.
Kyra gets message from her demigod mom to kill Eleniel.
Red and Morel object to putting Khatovar and Gotham in danger of war.
Elves agree to allow dwarfs to defend Khatovar if a war breaks out.
Red gets Flashing Sunblade.

Morel mades an underground pocket close to crypt.
Tathel teleports everyone to pocket
(Rests half an hour)
Kyra casts continual light on breastplate
Morel turns on 4 rings of resist
Red uses Tannaris ST+3, DX+5, HT+3
Red drains 2 – 5 point powerstones into his own fatigue

Two animated guards
sword in one hand
claw like hands
Tathel Blink fails (-15 Teleport Shield environment)
hit with a claw
stunned and takes 2 damage
Balthier takes a critical hit against a claw
14 damage (Goes to -2 HP)
Red drops Flashing Sunbolt and brandished holy symbol
Gemma Great Hastes
Critical success
Takes -3 penalty for being close to a chanting Red
Shin-tar freedom helps Balthier not be parallyzed at the start of his turn
He retreats back to entrance
Gemma attacked by animated guards
Dodges, but hits herself with a 6d-6 Sunbolt
Morel dives down into the ground for protection
Gemma drops Orchid Malevolence
Casts Fireball in her off-hand (crit double dam)
Hits a wight and animated guard (52 at apex)
Morel emerges and kills a wight
Balthier tries to cast Freedom on Tathel (3 FP)
Gives Tathel +1 to HT roll to overcome paralysis
Tathel is no longer paralyzed
Note: Shin-tar gives a constant Freedom 2 to Balthier
Kyra shoots a wight in torso
Morel drops a wight with ax
Gemma almost hits herself with a sunbolt
Tathel heals Gemma for 8
Starts doing a Mental Stun
Balthier hastes and fails to powerblow or hit
Gemma gets hit with sword, but gets lucky and dodges
Red drops chanting and grabs sword
Gemma gets off a quick Sunbolt, but doesn’t penetrate animated guard armor
Crit against Balthier
Morel quick draws 2nd Ax
Gemma hits and kills only swordsman that didn’t run away
Morel kills wight
Red fails to heal Balthier
Kyra crits against final standing wight
Insubstantial enemies arrive (Greater Wraiths) (BS 9.5)
Gemma uses Luck to do extra DAM against an enemy for 1 point of damage
Red uses Tannaris to kill last wight
Red get hit by sword for 4
Gemma turns Balthier invisibile and he dumps a powerstone into himself
Balthier sneak attacks a wounded sword guy
Greater wight hits Morel
Morel makes HT-6 roll and loses 1 ST and 1 HT
Morel isn’t stunned, but he is paralyzed
Morel uses Garvok to sink into the ground and seal 1 entrance with stone
Red steps into Tathel’s sphere of protection
Morel seals 2nd entrance
Red drops Flashing Sunblade and brandishes
Gemma does explosive fireball
3 animated guards takes 10
Red/Balthier takes 5
Tathel/Kyra take 3
Tathel stops asserting True Faith and begins casting Major Heal on Red
Morel attempts to seal final door, but fails
It still works, but takes an extra turn
Note: Defensive Luck applies to stay conscious and Death Rolls
Morel rolls HT-2 to come out of paralysis
Balthier drops Shin-tar and grabs the Flashing Sunblade
Gemma does 4 explosive damage to Eleniel’s greater wraith
Tathel heals Kyra up to 7 HP
Kyra stands up
Morel goes underground
Morel surfaces behind Eleniel sneak attack
Eleniel turns and Wraith attack Morel
Morel Earth to Air wall
Kyra hits Eleniel from behind with a sneak attack
Eleniel goes unconscious
Eleniel’s Wraith targets Morel
Against all odds, Morel dodges the hit
The sword guys close in
Morel steps over Eleniel and hits her with an ax
Kyra attacks Eleniel’s vitals
Red steps over Eleniel and brandishes his holy symbol
Morel hits Eleniel and then drops Garvok
Kyra hits vitals again (Eleniel at -98 HP almost neg 5x)
Gemmma hits an incorporeal for 21 damage and kills it
Morel deals the death blow to Eleniel
Kyra puts away her bow and picks up Flashing Sunblade
Gemma advances to Red’s position
All undead run away

Gemma retrieves Orchid Malevolence
Tathel heals Balthier and he wakes up
Morel shapes Death Song back to himself
Tathel heals Morel for 8
Red heals Morel for 8

6 HP
3 FP
Currently ST-1 HT-1 from Wraith

9 HP
6 FP

It took 32 seconds to kill

5 points earned
Next session is April 6th
Note: We can’t spend points on combat skills until after finishing dungeon


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