z_The Zenith

Meet Sofia

March 31th, 952

Red spends $150 to identify 15 vials
4 – Acid breathe
4 – Lightning breathe
4 – Cold breathe
3 – Fire breathe

Red decides to wear amulet of shaping

Ring of absorption
– Rounds down / Minimum of 1
– Takes cost of spell (high skill doesn’t change energy of spell)

Gemma, Balthier, Red and Morel travel to Tegas
– Red talks to enchanters about rug of Teleport Shield
– Morel takes deal for $66,000 (Borrows $25K from Red and $15K from Gemma)

Balthier buys goggles of Darkvision ($50,000)
– Balthier borrows $12K from Gemma

Morel and Red visit the fighter’s guild, but are politely asked to leave.
– People recognize them and their reputation proceeds them

To Pyraxix
Gemma and Balthier teleports to the fork
– Instead go just outside of Tirrana’s house
– Go to meadow with meadow with oragami flowers
Balthier picks a flower and finds it is just folded paper
– Back by tree where she first saw Silus
– Black and white phantom zone – sees her sister (giggling at Gemma’s failures)
– Balthier lends energy
– Gemma finally makes it to fork before Pyraxix (still in phantom zone)
– Gemma gives Akasha a hug and asks if she can fix phantom zone… yes
– Insta-teleporting back to dwarves (and a beacon)

Morel and Gemma go to tree
– Make it to fork in Pyraxix
– Balthier takes glove out of pocket and gives it Morel who puts it in the lamp
– Morel summons Garvok from base

Gemma and Red to fork

It takes almost 2 hours to get everyone there.
Plus 20

Pyraxix accepts Red’s offer for full healing plus dramatically
increasing size/strength long enough to conquer near by enemies in exchange
for some of the blood of it’s fallen foe
– Gemma teleports back to Tegas looks for vials
– Spends $6000 on 3 vials to preserve dragon blood
– Uses rapid journey and teleport combo to easily return to Pyraxix

“Great wyrm, Pryaxus!
“I have come to beg an audience with you.
“My offer is to fully heal you.
“I’ll make you exponentially bigger and stronger long enough to expand your territory and claim a foe’s treasure horde.
“The only thing I ask in return is to collect some of the blood from the rival dragon.

Red makes Pyraxix 4 SM bigger 1.5^4=5
Goes from 20 feet long with a 30 foot wing span
to 100 feet long and 150 foot wing span

Comes back with at least 2 bodies (bronze dragon or a silver dragon)
– Gemma gets 3 vials of blood from bronze dragon and 3 vials from silver dragon

Red shrinks the dragon

Gemma teleports Balthier

Red critically fails Might, spends FP
Red succeeds Might +10 for Gemma
Gemma takes Red back to base
Gemma ends Rapid Journey
Takes Morel back to base

At base
Kyra tells Gemma about Silus dream from her mother the demi-god
– Silus is bound to the island and his magic comes from the island
– Bald guy on obsidian alter (Gemma identifies him as the Dominator)
– Wee Jas tells Silus she can give him magic again,
but he needs to serve her on a later date
– Lady K is looking for the artifact used to bind Silus to
See The Zenith – Awry

There is a letter in the dead drop.
Balthier goes to Azure Ridge to pick up letter invisible.

Note Says:
April 3rd
Unlucky Pirate in Berly (Veros)

April 1st, 952

Tathel does seeker on Chellan string
– It is no longer on sword
– It’s in the same city, but not necessarily in the vault
– on the ground somewhere
Tathel does telecast to location of string
– fails first time because we were in the base
– Honesty disadvantage prevents him from continuing to search for the vault
– Honesty concerns about turning himself in to Elm’ril for crimes
– Decides to pray to Corellon to determine if he should turn himself in

Tathel prays 12 hours and 4 hours into the night/gets vision in the middle of the night
– Gives vigils all around (Gemma and Red lend energy)
– Decides current queen of Elm’ril that is only 1 elf instead of all the elves
Don’t turn yourself in

Kyra says Sofia doesn’t have Tannaris bound to her

Gemma teleports Balthier to Berly to scout Unlucky Pirate

Gemma and Balthier finds random person to ask for directions to Unlucky Pirate
Balthier buys cheapest beer
Gemma buys the strongest alcohol available (Doesn’t affect her due to HT high)
(smells like rum and tastes like fruit)

Morel splits his time reading Two Handed Sword and Garvok Shaping
Slept full night on March 31st Vigil
– 11 hours reading 11 hours shaping
Red prays all day for Instant Restoration
– 22 hours

April 2nd, 952

Tathel uses seeker to see if there is anything in the drop box
– empty

Morel splits his time reading Two Handed Sword and Garvok Shaping
Slept full night on March 31st Vigil
– 11 hours reading 11 hours shaping
Red prays all day for Instant Restoration
– 22 hours

April 3rd, 952

Gemma teleports to Berly with Balthier casts Beacon
– Red Mights Gemma
– Gemma carries Morel to Berly
– Gemma goes to Isad
– Gemma goes to Base
– Gemma carries Red to Berly with damage of 6
– Red heals Gemma for 6
– Red heals himself for 6

– Trace on Gemma to know where the Beacon will be
– Might then teleports to Berly with Kyra

Show up at 8. Meeting is at noon.

In Unlucky Pirate
Gemma orders hard core alcohol for $1 reads
Tathel buys hard core alcohol for himself and Gemma
Balthier reads

Dwarfs crash on a roof and read pray
– tries to bribe building owner $5 a piece
No deal
– Try to find nice place to rest, but can find no benches strong enough
– End up staying in alley where the party entered
– Become more vigilent at 11:00

Gemma gets a drink an hour until closer to time (4 total)
Tathel orders a meal of hot food $2 (treats Gemma too)

Kyra and Gemma look at dress shop
– low variety, but high quality

There are lots of wanted posters for the party

Human female (Sofia) arrives and sits at Balthier’s table
S “Uncomfortable without your friend?”
“We can leave…”
S “I’m here now.”
“Would you like something to drink?”
S “No”
“Leaving aside rumors about us being assassins, we are planning to
hit a certain employer that betrayed us.”
S “What that have to do with me?”
“We are collecting a set of matching swords.”
S “What does that have to do with your employer?”
“It would be getting her back.”
“We plan to get raid a vault.”
S “It seems I have all the up front cost in this…”
“Which is why we’re bringing this up now.”
S “What if there is nothing I want?”
“We can either give you gold or give you a certain amount of liquidity.”

Gemma shouts “Lady K is paying $500,000.”

S “So you’re offering $500,000”
“Yes, unless you find something else you prefer.”
S “I’m leaning towards the money.”

Tathel with Kyra make it with 2 damage

Gemma with Balthier critical failure teleport to base
– Islad tree Each take 9 points of damage from frost bit
– Makes it back to Berly
– Red heals Gemma for 8
– Critical success Might
– Critical success teleport Red back to base
– Gemma teleports Morel back to base

- Tathel heals Balthier for 8

Convince Gemma to sell Orchid Malevolence for $500,000
Convince Tathel to trace Orchid Malevolence location after sale
– holds Orchid Malevolent for reference for later seeker/trace

To Ugini
– Rapid Journey to base beacon
– Traces Gemma
– Teleport to Ugini
– Beacon critical (free)
– Returns to base
Tathel w/ Kyra
– Teleport to beacon
– Rapid Journey to here
– Red mights her
– Takes Morel to Ugini
– Takes Red to Ugini

After everyone rests
Bam! Artifact into money

Tathel does seeker on thread
– within a mile of Lady K’s compound
– trace – 60 feet into the building

No wanted posters here
– Dwarfs Looking for a place to stay
– Mid-range hotel $5 a room 1 person
– Dwarfs share room and one
– This is a metropolis
– Dwarfs are hoping to find a place to train Two-Handed Sword

Gemma and Balthier go to Azure Ridge to put message in drop box
– Balthier meets his contact and passes along the message

4 Points Awarded

Next Session 2/9/14


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