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Deal With The Devils

Bonus Item
Balthier gets goggles of Dark Vision Power 2
Gemma buys pocket mirror of communication
Buys item of Hush for Balthier with extra
Morel buys hood of Earth Vision Power 2
Red buys boots of Walk Through Plant Power 1
Kyra buys an item of Boost Attributes (ST, DX, IQ, HT) $120,000
Tathel buys 85 point powerstone blue necklace worth $148,750

Evening of April 3rd, 952

Gemma tries to use pocket of communication to call Balthier (unsuccessfully)
Tells dwarfs that she will contact them at 8 in the morning.
Goes to Azure Ridge to find Balthier
Uses communication to talk to Balthier
Vigil (1st) Reads Complex Illusion
Dwarfs find someone to train them in 2-handed sword (Get a full night’s sleep.)

April 4th, 952

Gemma communicates with Red in the Inn.
Decide to put off Two-Handed training for 24 hours
Tathel looks at Drop box and sees it has stuff
Gemma teleports (fails) with Balthier to Azure Ridge

Note: Meet same place noon April 5th, 952.

The dwarfs scout Ugini
All others decide to do training
Dwarfs camp out that night to be closer to Garvok

April 5th, 952

Gemma to teleport to pick up the dwarfs
Back to cubby hole
Morel drops off Garvok in hole
8:00 in the morning

9:00 Dwarfs is in Berly
Gemma just makes Red teleport (6 damage)
Rapid Journey back to base
Tathel tries to heal Gemma, but instead does that much damage
Dwarfs take up defensive places in alley and read/pray for a couple hours

10:30 The rest of the party arrives

12:00 Sofia places sword on the table.
Balthier places $500,000 in platinum on the table.
Sofia “I’ve been hearing interesting things about you.”
“There’s a bounty on your head.”
“There’s a bounty on the people going after that bounty.”
B: “Who’s going after us?”
S: “Vastna Narada going after the people going after you.”
S: “I’d like to take advantage of the bounty on your head,
but I don’t really want to mess with the Vastna Narada.”
S: “I’m not sure it’s good that you didn’t know about the protection.”

Morel summons Garvok
feels that this is indeed Tannaris

Dwarfs and Gemma go to Isad
Tyranna binds sword to Red

Gemma Rapid Journey
Fails – Appears to be floating in a void
Can’t see her little sister

Gemma succeeds in bringing Morel back to base
Red critically fails and makes Gemma 10 weaker.
Gemma has a strength of 2 for a minute

Both go into floating void with a Teleport
Attempt to Teleport to Base with Red fails
The pair go edge of 10 yard diameter sphere
Red tries hitting edge of sphere with Tannaris and it feels like it’s just bouncing off

Gemma casts continual light (day light) on saphire necklace
Necklace will glow for the next 11 days
Black dull walls
Casually float at a move of 3 move at will

Gemma does Rapid Journey and goes back to Isad

Silus – “Looks like you made a pocket plane”
“If you would have done it, I would have been extremely impressed.”
“Everything in that place is kind of locked away.”

Gemma – “What kind of spells would I need to get into and out of it?”

Silus – “Normally, a plane shifting spell.”
– “It might expire eventually… that usually doesn’t end well for things on that plane”
– “Evidentally because it’s here on the island you’re able to get there with your Rapid Journey.”

Gemma – “Is there anything you can do?”

Silus – “I wonder….”
Silus returns with his body.
“I never thought of this… pocket planes on my island.”
Does plane shift

Sees Red and plane shifts him back
Red is the second person Silus to meet in recent centuries

Everyone makes it to base at 2:00
Balthier tells party about Vastna Narada

Gemma talks to party about joining forces with Lady K to use the 7 swords to unlock
something powerful that was locked away around the time of the dominator

Black Altar is unlocked by the 7 swords, but only if each is bound.
Black Altar is what happened to Silus
Sucked out his power and put it out into the land
Silus was attempting to get more powerful

Decided that 14 hours is max training daily
It will take 28 days to complete 4 points of intensive training
3 out of 4 nights can be vigiled for an extra 8 hours (reading/praying, etc.)

Gemma talks to Tyranna
She agrees for total immunity or Lady K dies

Dwarfs vigil and train with sword powers

April 6th, 952

Red and Morel do sword training
Dwarfs vigil and train with sword powers
Tathel completes praying mass teleport

April 7th, 952

Lady K visit

Mass Teleport
Cost of 12 to a beacon with a Might of 10

Jeska (blue hair) is with Lady K

Red asks what it’s worth to Lady K to have someone bind the swords
Lady K offers $200,000
Red says $200,000 but Shin Tar gets bound to Balthier
Lady K complains that she loses a sword that way and Red is being suspicious
Red says he needs an immunity agreement for binder
Lady K says she can guess who it is
Red says that this means she knows her offer is very low.
Lady K says she will give us the full bounty plus 50%

Party Conference
The dwarfs really want this deal
Gemma says she could reserve Shin Tar for herself as a special deal with Lady K

$500,000 per sword that she has
Jeska wants to be bound to Barakett

Red asks about magical training
Gets appropriate advice
Gemma asks Lady K to use an Oath stone to promise to fully pardon and forgive Tyranna

Gemma tells Tyranna about deal
Gemma takes Tyranna to destroyed village in Rynak
All goes well Jeska lets sword get bound.

Lady K gives $500,000 to the party
Gemma takes $80,000
Everyone else takes $84,000

In a month we can contact Lady K again in a month to give her

$5 for Gate from Ugini to Tegas
$5 for Gate from Tegas back to Ugini

Red commissions a Rug of Teleport Shield Radius 2 for $22,000
Morel buys a Ring of Lightning Resist (Self Only) Power 1 for $151,000
He borrows $50,000 from Red and $35,000 from Gemma to be able to afford the item.

Game ends on Night of April 7th, 952

Group scheduled Vigils start on the night of the 8th.

Next Session Feb 23rd, 2014

5 points awarded


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