z_The Zenith

Council of 7

4 magic rings

Tegas library has no record of Cylus
– Wes Jas lives in home plane of Asheron (lawfully aligned plane)
– Has lots of domains
– All souls go to her
– Non-worshipers go to her to sort out
– Asheron aka Eternal Battlefield of Asheron
– Each layer of the plane is made up of lots of floating cubes
– some island size to continent size
– Moonlight to cloudy day
– Huge ice castle surround by black ice that flies around
– Wes Jas lives there
– Edradon
– Not confirmed to exist

Red schedules a meeting with Tegas city council about altar
– Meeting in 2 days

Tathel looking for fist of zuoken
Kyra talks to Gina
– A regent has been appointed until the line of succession re-established
– Talk of a high priest of Corellon instead of a king and queen

Dwarfs, Balthier and Gemma visit temple of Wes Jas
– Nerulo is Wes Jas’s competitors
– Meet with a priest
– Not talking to anyone right now (her spells have been intermittent)
– Go to her realm, but it’s suicide
– Even if you do find her, she only does her own thing
– Asks for magic to aid in trip to Asheron to help Wes Jas
– None

Meeting with the council
– Everyone including Tyranna show up
– Edran fails to attend
– They disarm the party
– Tathel summons Chelan to ask about 7 swords
– Council says it could be a fake
– Asks to inspect the sword
– Tathel tells them that the other 6 have been found
– Council wants to reinstate the order of the council of 7
– Tells us that they don’t trust the party
– Tathel wants to work for the council
– Red asks for advice about Asheron
– Normally would say that it’s a terrible idea, but you seem exceptional
– Council offers to assist in transport/enchantment on party to protect

Decide to work for the council
– Tyranna to give ritual to council
– Decide to let council

Mass teleport
– During transit go to Kord’s home
– Kord is there
– He is hugely muscle
– Red dragon girdle, white dragon gloves, blue dragon boots
– Great Sword of Kelmar
– Dwarfs get on knees
– “You’ve all been having quite the series of events that you’ve got tangled up in that we can’t participate I see no reason not to offer some assistance to those fighting the good fight. This was brought to my attention by a certain little girl.”

Advantages for everyone
– For each multiple of his HP missing, his base damage increases by D+1
– Whenever he casts a spell he gets boost to ST and DX. It stacks. (+1 for each spell.)
– Whenever you shoot an arrow, you get a damage bonus equal to the distance penalty
– Bonus base damage on backstabs equal to the margin of success of his attack roll. It is base damage not amplified by Power blow, but it does have a wounding modifier
– Whenever you cast a spell, you have an option for everyone in a small area effect centered on him to take 1d damage and both mental/physical stun rolls. The area is bigger depending on the amount of fatigue used, 1 yard radius per fatigue spent. It is unblockable.
– If you aren’t using a powerstone, there is no maximum fatigue you can spend on a spell. (No Magery cap) Also no discount for high skill.
– Gets an undisclosed power enhancement.

“Akasha is at the end of the road you are already on.”

The party goes to the site of the altar.
Dwarfs fail body sense rolls
Twins are there along with 5 other things
Balthier recognizes the 5 things as psionic possessions
– They are the resurrected bodies of the fallen psionic enemies from before
– They float above the ground
– Anyone who looks at them falls over twitching in agony
– They are surrounded by a 2 yard radius of darkness
– Piercing and impaling is reduced

Tyranna and Balthier succombs to the effects of the floaty enemies
Twin flies over with her area effect and those that can blink away.
Gemma crits and goes 6 spaces away
Dwarfs/Tyranna/Balthier take 9 damage

Morel summons Garvok, drops into the ground and draws Astral Avenger
Tathel begins casting Corellon’s radius

Shades approach Kyra and made HT roll
– Take damage equal to margin of failure

Red parries with short sword, but it really felt it

Twin crits on Kyra for 10 crushing regular -7 armor
and 4 that doesn’t care about armor

Morel attacks twice and it gets parried twice

Gemma does 9d-9 sunbolt against black shadows
– 27 damage with luck

Tathel succeeds in using Corellon’s radiance on Tyranna

Morel hit with a critical, but then used Luck to negate it and turn it into a critical failure
– Twin used luck to turn it into a hit

Twin crit on Morel giving him 26-13=13 physical and 13 unblockable
Twin hits Red on the way through
Gemma turns on fire resist and starts casting explosive fireball
Gemma takes damage from shades

Morel kills a shade
Red kills a shade

Twin hits Gemma of 11-2=9 physical plus 4 unblockable

Gemma does a 15d explosive fire ball at a twins feet for 43 damage
Kyra with a will of 22 successfully applies negate on the twin being targeted with the fireball (Prevents her turning to mist)
– Red takes 14/2 damage
– Kyra takes 3 damage
– Tathel takes 1 damage
– A nearby shade takes 7

Red strikes injured twin for 15 damage with tannaris and 15 with short sword
– Red recoups 6 HP

Kyra does Negate against other twin
– twin uses luck to escape the effects

Morel lands a hit on the injured twin for 22 damage
Tathel teleports in and hits stunned twin with Chelan killing her

Balthier does a blink strike against remaining Twin doing
– Twin fails to keep her teleport

Red throws an ax at last standing twin
– she blinks away and starts flying straight up. Move of 10.

Party cleans up 1 of the 2 remaining shades

Gemma and Kyra shoot at remaining twin simultaneously
– Twin mists to avoid Kyra’s attack, but Gemma hits for 43 damage lightning
– She is 10 away from death

Morel hits with an effective skill of 10 and a range of 31
Tathel makes a fireball and throws it at twin and misses
Kyra shoots and twin dodges
Balthier attempts to instantly teleport to get at twin, but it happens next turn
Kyra hits with an arrow that gets dodged
Gemma casts a Sunbolt and hits with a crit to definitely hit
– Uses luck to increase damage to 19-4 damage
– Twin is not dead
Balthier teleports right behind her and then attack with an
unsuccessful powerblow, but he surprises twin and gets through her defenses
– He does 1 point of damage past her DR and kills her
– All of Lady K’s kids can only be killed by epic weapons and Balthier
literally did 1 point of damage

Total fight took 11 seconds

Each twin had 1 necklace and 2 rings
Total 2 necklaces and 4 rings
All the stones are lightning ridge black opal
– 2 rings were the blue
– 2 rings were the green
– necklaces are blue/green

We don’t know what powers this jewelry has because it’s psionic

Clerics heal up the party/Great Heal
Tathel burns the undead and the twins
Call Tyranna to let her know we all made it
She teleports back and we heal her

In Game it is May 26th.

On May 27th, Dwarfs carry altar to council of 7.
Tyranna agrees to teach ritual to council.
Others agreed to rebind sword.

Come back on the 28th so they have time to get some dragon blood.

20 hours training time for sword

4 days since the events at the altar

Kyra buys a 30 point topaz powerstone for $19,500

Next Session possibly on August 10th check with

10 points awarded


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