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Atlar Restored

Balthier tries to pursuade Sylus to make him the avatar that frees him
– Asks “Why does Vecna hate you?”

It’s Wednesday the 23rd
– The altar is fixed
– Gemma calls Tathel and elves come back
– Ritual must happen at night
– There is a comet in the sky that’s very bright

Ritual went really well (5)
– Gemma is the target
– Took the better part of an hour
– Small shaft of light coming down from the comet/star onto the altar
– Gemma is alive
– No noticeable difference felt or observed
– Sylus looks puzzled
– It was supposed to unlock hidden potential

Gemma tries magic unknown to her
– Telepathy
– Tries to read Balthier’s mind
– Didn’t work
– Tries to Free Sylus
– Uses her luck
– Spends all 20 of her FP for the effort
– Stays conscious
– No apparrent effect
– Tries to absorb power from the altar
– No effect
– Silus gives 10 FP to Gemma
– Tries to get to the plane where her sister is
– Spends 20 FP
– Succeeds in effort
– Sister still can’t talk

– “We have 2 more days of this comet, I’ll see if I can’t amend the ritual”
– It is not chance that the comet is here now.
– Rests for an hour or 2
– Tries again on Gemma’s sister
– “Hold on, Gemma’s Sister is about to try something!”
– Sylus starts to glow a little bit and everything on the island
flashes a little bit. Then everything rushes to him.
– Sylus falls over and a portal opens
– A humanoid hand reaches through and
says “It’s about time!” in a female voice
– Gemma’s sister also disappears

– “What happened?”

Gemma reappears
– “Akasha got the power from the ritual and tried to free him.”
– “I assumed it worked because Wes Jas took him.”

– “So… you did what you needed to do with it?”
– “I’m free to take it?”

– “No, we’ll come along with you”

– “Let me call one of my brothers and he’ll arrange transport.”

Gemma wants to stay behind to wait to hear from Sylus or the Cat people

Merak, Mizar, Megrez and Alcor arrive.

Merak => unarmed
Mizar => staff
Megrez => mace
Alcor => naginata

Merak points at Morel
Mizar makes Morel, Balthier and Gemma feel sick
Jeska shields herself in Lightning
Alcor makes his weapon blury
Megrez does something (not magic)

Morel sinks into the ground/opens up the ground underneath altar
– altar slowly sinks (1" or 2")
Mizar moves and people affected with nausea changes
Balthier blink daggers away to Kyra (well away from the action)

Gemma creates a Sunbolt
Tyranna does her body of fire thing
– attacks Jeska

Merak takes fire damage for Tyranna area affect
– Morel takes 11 damage
– Merak does something and in his hand appears a candle flame
Mizar hits Red once
– Red loses his Grace spell
Jeska takes a step and stabs her sword into the ground
and just holds it there for a second
Red has a critical failure with Tannaris (18) (4) then (14)
– Tannaris gets thrown far away

Morel hits Megrez damages his arm 21 cutting with Astral Avenger (3 FP damage)
Gemma takes fire damage 11
Tyranna attacks and crits on Jeska
Merak takes 7 fire damage
– Tries to grapple Tyranna
Mizar hits Red for 24 DAM
Balthier offensively Blink Dagger then power blows Megrez
Tathel gives Corellon’s Mettle to Red (Round 4)
A lightning bolt hits the 7 hexes next to Jeska
– 16 damage to Merak
– Jeska crits Tyranna (physical does little damage, but lightning damage)
– Hits Red, but he parries
Kyra does Psionic Numification on Megrez
– Succeeds (Costs 4 FP)
– 2 minutes without psionic powers

Morel 20 cutting burn of 1 against Megrez
– Megrez drops
Gemma hits Jeska with a Sunbolt 19 impaling
– It was 1 more than the damage than she had taken this whole time
– Takes 12 fire damage, so Morel takes 12 fire damage
– Chases a retreating Tyranna
Mizar presses the advantage against Red (misses)
Balthier coup de gras Megrez
Tathel starts casting Corellon’s Mettle

Morel starts turning on his Ring of Lightning Resist
Gemma starts casting
Tyranna attacks Merak gives 16 damage to him and Morel
– Morel loses his attempt to cast Lightning Ring
– crits and does 14 past his 12 armor
Balthier uses Blink Dagger to attack Alcor with Power Blow
– Does 17 damage
Jeska attacks Kyra, but she blinks away
Alcor uses a blurry naginata against Balthier
– Balthier successfully parries
Red fumbles his attack with Tannaris (turns in his hand)
– Recalls it after his attack to neutralize the effect
Kyra recovers from disorientation

Morel attempts Lightning Resist again
Gemma still working on Great Haste
Merak fails grapple on Tyranna
Tathel finishes casting Corellon’s Mettle on Morel
Jeska continues pursuing Kyra

Gemma great haste then body of air
Tyranna goes unconscious, but not before teleporting into
the middle of the party
Mizar hits Red with his quarterstaff
Balthier takes 9 fire damage then blinks away and starts casting again
Tathel takes 9 fire damage then tries healing Tyranna (crit failure)
– castor is stunned, but recovers and blinks away
Jeska takes 9 fire damage then tries to attack Kyra
Red attacks and critical failure with short short (sword turns can’t be used)

Morel takes 4 fire damage attacks right arm of Alcor with 23 cutting
Gemma takes 4 fire damage then turns on Fire Resist through Ungarato
– Starts Sunbolt
Tyranna gives 7 fire damage
– Merak takes 7 damage
– Merak says in Silvan to Jeska “Let’s get out of here!”
– Kyra says “They’re leaving!”
Mizar takes some parting shots at the dwarfs as he runs away
Alcor has a crit success against Red, but Red uses defensive luck to avoid it
Red goes unconscious
Gemma pumps up Sunbolt, throws it at Jeska and hits for 16 imp
– Interrupts her teleport
Tyranna gives 14 fire damage (range of 5)
Merak points at Gemma
Mizar hits Kyra, but she blinks away
Balthier turns on a 4 point Blur
Tathel does Major Healing for 8 at Tyranna
– Tyranna regains consciousness
Jeska tries casting… again
Morel hits Jeska with Astral Avenger for 15 damage and 3 FP
– Baraket teleports to Tyranna
Tyranna gets up and picks up Baraket
– Maintains her fire damage

Merak takes 11 fire damage and gives it to Gemma
– Tries to grapple Gemma (succeeds)
– fails to dodge
– Doesn’t lose her Sunbolt
Tathel heals Red
– Red regains consciousness and gets up
Kyra succeeds in casting psionic neutralize against Merak
– Gemma is no longer subject to his damage sharing ability
Gemma uses Sunbolt and hits Merak in the leg for 13 DAM
– blinks to safety behind Tyranna as her 2nd action of GH
Tyranna conscious does 12 fire damage
– attacks Merak and he fails to dodge Merak and he falls
Tathel does another heal on Red

Red picks up SS then takes a step
Gemma create a Sunbolt
Tyranna gives 14 fire damage
– decides to rest behind Gemma
Mizar critically fails an attack
– Gives himself 14 damage in the leg
Balthier “blackout”
– Mizar and Alcor succeed, but still -3 to hit
Tathel maintains Corellon’s Mettle on Red
Red starts casting Major Heal through Tannaris
Kyra hits Alcor in the eye for 9 DAM x 4 = 36 damage

Morel crits on Alcor for 30 DAM cutting (max damage)
Gemma shoots at vitals of last man standing Mizar
– Uses Luck to inflict 23 DAM x 3 = 69 damage
– Makes a new sunbolt
Tyranna’s fire is now at 11
– She passes out
Mizar throws down his staff and surrenders
Balthier kicks out his knees and positions himself to strike
Tathel heals Tyranna
Red heals himself for 8 and starts casting Major Heal again

Morel puts away Garvok and takes staff away from Mizar
Gemma drops sunbolt

Total Fight took 14 seconds

Balthier questions
– “Why did you attack us?”
Mizar: “Why do you think?”
B: “Revenge?”
M: “The altar”
B: “What were your goals?”
M: “To use it”

Morel: “It seems my compatriots are intent on killing you.
Is there anything you can say that will convince them to spare you?”

Tathel gives Morel a Great Heal. It only takes 30 seconds.

Morel: “I’d love to spare you, but you need to give me something to convince
my compatriots.”

Mizar: “I can’t give any information about mother’s stuff.”

B: “Then I have no further use for you.”

– Baraket
– Tyranna has it
– Mace
– Naginata
– Quarterstaff
– 2 leathers
– Necklaces
– amethyst
– garnet
– alapast azula
– Rings
– Moonstone
– Saphire
– Jade
– Topaz

Gemma leaves and finds a place to pray
Morel uses Garvok to bury all the bodies

Balthier knows how to destroy the altar, but he needs 3 volunteers
– Red, Balthier and Kyra volunteer
– Ritual happens and altar is altered

Balthier prays to Vecna to find out what happens if the altar is used now
– Vecna suggests avoiding either using the altar
or allowing it to be used on him

Gemma tries praying to her sister Akasha
– Tathel uses Telecast and Essential Food to give food to Gemma
– Creates ice bowl and fills it full of water

Thursday March 24th, 952
Tathel does a seeker on Gemma
– She’s in the forest by the salt desert
– “She’s close… within 4 miles.”

– “How would we transport the altar back to the pocket plane?”
– “The only thing I can think about is a gate.”

Vecna says there is problem with the gods
– a family spat with Wes Jas
– Cylus had an aspect of a godlike power

Morel uses Garvok to shift altar at a rate of 3 yards per second to go to Gemma
– takes less than an hour to get to her

Discovers that Wes Jas is related to Kord
– Wes Jas is fighting Kord’s grandfather

We’re still on Islad

Next Game Session on June 29th


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