z_The Zenith


Special Bonus
Gemma – Master of Fate
Balthier – Resurrection
Kyra – Master of Fate
Tathel – 100 “Bonus” FP
Red – 100 “Bonus” FP
Morel – Resurrection

– takes a major bag of holding capable of holding 250 cubic feet and
it weighs 1/20th of everything inside it for the trip
– gets a ring of Force Wall and a 40 plus a 50 point powerstone
plus a special item of communication to council
plus the orb that slows the black ice glass
plus the map of Asheron
– Takes 40 plus a 50 point powerstone for the trip
– Takes 40 plus a 50 point powerstone for the trip
– Spelled arrows
– 5x Sunbolt max (9d-9) $27k ea.
– Takes 40 plus a 50 point powerstone for the trip

Gemma buys all the big powerstones in Tegas 20 (18x) 25 (6x)

Red takes Gemma’s old powerstones 3-15 and 10
Full, but negative charging days
-11 (15)
-15 (15)
-8 (15)
-3 (10)

Leaving afternoon of July 28th 3pm

Send vanguard to set up a beacon to ease passage to Wes Jas domain.

Dumping us on top level – Asalas (one of the smaller of the main cubes)
– Big metal plane flat

Red gives map and orb to protect from black glass to Gemma
Gemma/Balthier go ahead as a vanguard to find the way to Wes Jas’s domain
– Skips over Hextor, goblin gods and orc god
– Critical failure (Uses luck)
– Arrive in Tbuldanam (Home of Dueregar god)
– Arrive in Tintibulus (Rougher edges)
– After 6 minutes Gemma’s sister shows up physically
– Gemma hugs her
– She still can’t talk, but writes in the dust
– Wes Jas has taken Silus through a portal that she currently can’t go
through. She has told some of the other gods to prevent us from
interferring. Akasha can do her best to hold them off while we keep
moving forward.
– Failed teleport
– find themselves in a dark cave
– large brownish rust dragon
– Dragon starts to breathe, but Gemma teleports away first
– Teleport to a place they can see Ocanthus and blade storm
– Gemma places a beacon there as a back up
– Balthier holds up blade storm protection orb/Gemma teleports into Ocanthus
– It’s very loud, but the black ice is slowed and suspended in air
– Gemma can see the glow of the castle up ahead
– Gemma teleports to within 500 yards of the living space of Wes Jas

Gemma shows up after 7×23 minutes (almost 3 hours)

Red boosts Tathel size by 2 sizes to increase his strength
Tathel spends all his FP to teleport everyone to the beacon on Ocanthus

At about 6 pm everyone has arrived successfully

Reach door of ice castle, Tathel tries to use Chelan to make a hole in the ice.
– It takes 5 seconds of concentrating, but he makes a hole for a doorway in the actual doorway.

20 foot tall Iron golems are in the corners guarding the entrance
– Morel leads them away from the entrance
Deathclaws appear
– 2 attacks against Morel hit
– Kyra attacked, but blinks back outside
Balthier charges then gets attacked by golems and then deathclaws
Morel hits that deathclaw in the arm to get its attention
Red charges and gets smacked by golems

Gemma enters room and is attacked by a deathclaw
– returns fire doing significant damage
Kyra crits on the eye to the deathclaw attacking Gemma
– (It’s now 62 from death)
Tathel does a major heal on Gemma then Red
Balthier kills the deathclaw targeting Morel
Red kills one of the golems (It disintegrates not quite rusting)
Deathclaw crits against Red
Morel comes to Red’s aid
Gemma does a massive sunbolt to the deathclaw that critted against Red
– It hits the vitals doing 75 damage (It still didn’t drop)
Deathclaw continues to come after Red bringing him a single point from death
Morel stands over his brother to kill him and kills deathclaw
Kyra uses Teleport Other to grab Red from the middle of combat
– (It took 32 FP)
– Tathel starts casting Great Heal (Takes 30 seconds)
Gemma can’t go too far from the entrance without taking away protection from theblade storm for Kyra and Tathel
Kyra asks for Gemma to hand her the orb of protection while she rests
Golem crits against Morel (treated as a major wound despite its only 4 DAM)
Gemma makes a 40 dice sunbolt in preparation for the final 2 deathclaws expected
Kyra enters the room and a new deathclaw spans
Morel kills the iron golem
Deathclaw is directly in front of Gemma
– fails its dodge against 40d (154-40 damage) lighting less 14 DR (100)
– Deathclaw must make a HT roll of 50 or be stunned (goes unconscious)
Kyra attempts to stab unconscious deathclaw with baraket and only just meets DR
(plus 2 lightning)
Balthier kills his deathclaw (keeps blinking behind it)

Gemma gets a free max sunbolt ready while Tathel does a Great Heal on Red

Tathel enters and a deathclaw crits on him, but he blinks away from other blow
– takes 30 damage before leaving
Deathclaws mindlessly continues to try to attack Tathel
Gemma hits for 6d-6 to the vitals
Kyra hits in the eye
– deathclaw knocked down
Balthier blinks behind it and gives it 6d-6
Morel smacks it twice
Tathel mentally stuns deathclaws
Kyra shoots last deathclaw in the eye
– deathclaw dies

Tathel heals Balthier twice to bring him up to full
Tathel heals Morel twice to bring him up to full
Gemma loans 2 -20 point powerstone rings to
Red heals Gemma twice to bring her up to full
Takes 30 minutes for everyone to be healed and rested

Balthier senses we need to go down to find the portal going to Wes Jas.

Next game on September 7th

5 points awarded


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